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By Roger Gitlin, Supervisor 1st District, Del Norte County – January 20, 2017 –

President TrumpDonald J. Trump is now President Donald J. Trump.

Having just witnessed the Inauguration of President Donald J.Trump, I am truly overwhelmed by this momentous event. Rarely have I been so moved by anyone’s words but I must share with you the inspiration and hope President Trump has brought to my psyche. I am not easily moved by rhetoric but this morning, I have goosebumps on my arms from his powerful presentation, a speech which rivals our 35th President, when John F. Kennedy said, ” Ask not what your Country can do for you but what you can do for your Country.”

During the last 16 years, middle class America has stood powerless and inert while politicians and their supporters became rich. Foreign governments became wealthy at the expense of middle class America. America and Americans comes first… I mean no disrespect to our Nation’s 43rd and 44th Presidents, George Bush AND Barrack Obama but I must share Brett Baird’s observation about each’s legacy. Regarding Obama: ” You can sum it up in two words: Donald Trump, ” for without the failure of of Barrack Hussein Obama contrived policies of , “we know better than you.” and George Bush (my opinion), there would be no Donald Trump, President of the United States.

This is no time to spike the football. I will continue to listen to and respond to the citizens of Del Norte County who bring me issues which have too-long been ignored. I include myself and other electeds to LISTEN to the people we represent. Failure to heed the public’s wisdom and those we are so honored to serve will be met with appropriate consequences.

9 thoughts on “It’s Official. Donald Trump is our 45th President”
  1. Samuel Do not feel that Roger Gitlin is offensive. Am sure that he harbors good intentions that sometimes may cause irritation. As to radio show, sounds interesting. Just not right now. Have jury duty; still weak from 6 months of inhalation pneumonia due to pesticide filled dust drift; staying home most of the time. Absorbed in trying to determine what Trump is really doing. Had a Russian professor at U of O. Was an ICBM officer in the Soviet Army. He jumped on tanks with Boris Yeltsin to take the Politburo & end the USSR. He was close to Putin as Putin was KGB. Now Russia has arrested 2 of their counter intelligence~ cyber expert on hacking & spy detector agent~both now disappeared. WHY? 1 trillion in Artic oil now delayed by sanctions? Crimea & Ukraine as shipping ports. Rosnef Putin owned? Are there videos of Trump? Exxon~Tillerson? PIn only Latvian bank accounts? Putin worth 86 billion$? Purge of US State Dept major experts in above topics?

    1. We deleted your telephone # from the comment because with 1,000 reads a day, didn’t think you’d wants calls and texts from others besides Samuel Strait. Mr. Strait has been given your # number.

  2. Samuel I do not “crawl” out of anywhere especially a “bubble” that you seem to use as a reason for persons who disagree with you. As to your comment about “snow flake attire”: what is that suppossed to be about? I would say you are listening to a lot of gossip.

    1. Lin, so are you saying only you can avoid shedding your progressive positions without comment and Roger must be held to a higher standard? As far as the bubble and snowflake comment, it was used to see just how far you were willing to surpass common sense in order to preserve the progressive nature of your ideology. The bit responding to the EPA article on Climate Change was classic. (See my take in my reply to your comments.) As far as gossip,the only reference to you in my life is through the pages of the Crescent City Times. I do know Roger Gitlan and have had a few conversations with him, but sad to say your name never surfaced, nor have I asked any other friends for “gossip” about you. So, to me you are only a product of what you write. Sad to say that it doesn’t really matter to me that you find my writing “some what sketchy”, it is what it is. The difference is just who is more likely to open their respective ears and listen. Sorry you find Roger so offensive. I on the other hand hope that good things come from the governance of this County. Certainly not what has passed for that for some time.

  3. Samuel Did not take up the offer to appear on your radio show because I did not read crescent city times for a few weeks and your response to me was already in archives. I’ve already been on radio & tv a few times in the past. In the instance of your program, I have never heard it. Beyond that, I believe I would require a fact checker and non pivoter for that as I find the things you write somewhat sketchy. Gitlin brings out my rude edge which is almost as rude as him coming to my home numerous times & telling me I need to move so a CO he knows can have the house. Or him cornering me in WalMart accusing me of things that I DO NOT do. Or him interupting Thanksgiving dinner with my friends with more of his allegations. Or his sitting across the street to watch me. Or, or, or. That reply to Gitlin was not due to me being in a bubble, it was due to me being a political scientist who finds his drama, sense of self importance, naive political thought, and lack of propriety undesirable in a public servent

    1. Well your response to my offer was some what predictable. Most, not all progressives, follow your pattern. Since I have offered to share space on my program in which my guests for the most part have the ability to express their views, with only a question or two, it would be your facts that you would be checking, not mine. So, unless “your facts” are questionable. there would be no need for a fact checker or non pivoter. The ball is in your court.

      Again sorry that you feel so oppressed by Roger. I would wonder just what his side of the story would be, but I can’t from your comments see what the point would be. Is there a fact checker in the audience?

  4. Donna Westfall:

    I am so grateful there is a Crescent City Times to deliver the public comments of so many Del Norters who have been discounted, banned and ignored by LOCAL print media. Continued Good Luck and success in being the voice of Crescent City and Del Norte County and the boulevard for public discourse.

    Roger Gitlin
    Del Norte County Supervisor District I ( writing as a private citizen)

    1. Roger, Sooo happy you crept out of your”stay local” fixation and watched the inaguration. Do find it somewhat disturbing that Trump’s speech, known nation wide as the “American Carnage speech” was still giving you “goose bumps” the next day. Saint Regan will feel as if his following has forgotten him; or possibly, have finally found out that he supplied missles and jets to Iran even before Iran Contra Costra. However, his followers never seemed to grasp Iran Contra Costra and they would not believe it anyway. Intense devotion to the authoritarian regime of Trump does not seem to require truth, proof, or ethics.

      1. Lin, so happy that you crept out of your protective liberal progressive bubble to provide us with all the progressive liberal “talking points”. Bet that didn’t do your “snow flake” attire much good? We will see just what is true, what makes up the “proof”, and who really has ethics. Haven’t seen much of any out the liberal left. See you didn’t take up the offer to come on my radio show?

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