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Opinion and Commentary by Donna Westfall – May 10, 2024

This morning, Crescent City, City Hall approved the petition to collect signatures in order to place the repeal of Measure S (1% sales tax) on the November 2024 ballot. Needed are about 100 signatures of registered voters in Crescent City by mid-June.

Here’s the question:

Will our government ever have enough money? 

Answer:  Never!

They promise you that your tax dollars will be carefully watched.  Guess what?  The Citizens Oversight Committee are all like-minded people.  What that means is this; if someone knows about allegations of kick-backs; nothing will be done about it.  If someone knows about double billing; nothing will be done about it.

How do I know? 

Because when I sat on the City Council during the years 2008-2012 I tried to get my fellow council members to investigate allegations of corruption on the upgrade and expansion of the wastewater treatment plant project. Even when presented with evidence, they ignored me, but worse, they demeaned me.  They said I was the one wasting our tax dollars.  They removed me from all committees.

The difference between then and now is that the 1% sales tax (creating $2 million plus annually) goes into the general fund.  So, you might think that this money will be used only for emergency services; law enforcement, fire department, repairing roads, etc.  But, what happens in reality is that more people will be hired making government bigger.  Raises will be given.  Is that what you want?

You may not receive an increase in your income, but rest assured that our government employees will. Do you want this two tiered type of society? 

The questions that need to be asked is this; 1.) Why can’t our city government work within the budget they had before increasing our sales tax? 2.)  According to their Strategic Plan Analysis their goal is to “PROMOTE A THRIVING LOCAL ECONOMY.”

Does it look like our City has a thriving local economy? 

The only thing thriving is the government.

No new jobs. No new industry. Matter of fact, the prison may be shutting down soon.

We’re faced with California politicians that are now talking about raising the gas tax, income tax, sales tax and property tax.

So think about it. can you afford:

Rising gas prices

Rising utility prices

Rising property taxes

Rising income taxes

In addition to:

Rising food prices.

It’s only 1% folks…… our local government thinks you can afford it.  Let them know you can’t.  Sign the petitions and vote to repeal these taxes. Request your petition in the comment section.

Come November let’s hope we have this on our local ballot:

Repeal Measure R (County 1% Sales Tax)

Repeal Measure S

Repeal Crescent Fire Protection District Benefit Assessment Tax on your property tax.

2 thoughts on “It’s Only 1%”
  1. I imagine Linda Sutter can sympatise with you. She goes to these meetings pointing out “misuse” of funds and they ignore her. On the bright side the Tri-Agency might be dissolved. I want to know how we got by without a Fire Chief and 3 Captains. What’s that costing us, half a million dollars a year in salaries?

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