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By Congressman Kevin Kiley – February 28, 2023

Today Gavin Newsom’s COVID-19 State of Emergency ends after 1,091 days. Rarely in our history has a single person caused so much harm to so many.

It’s been quite a journey leading to this day:

  • climactic vote on our legislation to end the emergency ahead of the Super Bowl
  • And most importantly, a growing movement of citizens, of parents, of patriots that forced the Governor’s hand and is now poised to accomplish much, much more

Yet Newsom has learned nothing. On the very same day that his illegal emergency expires, Fox News has a story about Newsom’s latest affront to the rule of law – attacking federal judges who don’t toe his line. The headline reads:

California Republicans slam Gavin Newsom for trying to ‘intimidate’ judges into ‘compliance.’ Kiley said any ‘elected official who cares about the rule of law should condemn Newsom’s irresponsible behavior.’

And now, Newsom’s goal of making California the “model for the nation” faces its biggest test yet. Biden just officially nominated Newsom’s Labor Secretary, Julie Su, to be U.S. Secretary of Labor. I presented the case against Su in a 23-minute speech on the House Floor.

The “emergency” is over. But our battles – the fight for our state and country – have only just begun.

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