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Opinion Piece by Linda Sutter – May 14, 2021

I sat quietly as my daughter opened her mail from Del Norte High School. My grandson received all F’s. This is a young man with a remarkable mind. From the age of 13, he and his buddies learned how to take Motorcycles apart, fix them, and put them back together. His goal was to go to college to become a mechanical engineer. But not anymore.

Del Norte High School is failing students by the droves. The school has had over a year to get all computer glitches right to no avail. Kids are continuously counted as absent when they are very present at their zoom classes. Oh and to make it clear, my grandson’s mother has been home observing him in his classes so the high school is the issue. But wait, he isn’t the only one failing at this school district.

60% of the students at Del Norte high School are failing. But who is really failing here? The teachers. Anytime a student gets an F, it is not the failure of the student it is the FAILURE of the teacher and when it comes to Del Norte this is criminal.

Next year the school will realize just how many families will bail out of this school. People are scrambling to find other sources of education. The most popular school in Del Norte is Charter.

The only way to send a message loud and clear to this school district is to get enough families out of del norte high to the point they lose their funding, and teachers who love to give those F’s lose their jobs.

But Del Norte High school isn’t the only issue facing our county. The middle schools are also in crisis affecting the students. Very unfortunate.

This County’s elected could have prevented all this but they are greedy. They wanted that almighty dollar from the government that was given out due to Covid. They sold their souls and our children’s down the pipe for their own satisfaction of getting a couple million dollars.

In fact it was pretty amazing at the BOS meeting held this past week on the 11th. On the 6th agenda item they wanted to read a proclamation supporting abused children. However, they were all reminded the biggest child abusers facing Del Norte County today are them. They have allowed the schools to shut down. Isolate the students, dumb them down to the point they may not recover, destroyed their dreams of going to college, and stuffed a couple of million dollars in the pocket of the general fund as all their chests are puffed out for the good they are doing the community. Not.

Yes if any parents are reading this, look for private schools, anything to get your children back to schools that care. Clearly, no school in Del Norte cares. Child abuse is rampant in Del Norte County due to the Board of Supervisors, Dr. Rehwaldt, and the School Teachers who use Covid as a means to get paid for not doing their job.

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