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By Donna Westfall – January 24, 2017 – Joining Sup. 5th District, Bob Berkowitz, at his 6 am meet with the public that takes place six days a week at Fisherman’s Restaurant were Hank, Clint and myself.  The topics discussed:

  1.  $221 million that Obama sent to the Palestinian Authority just before Trump’s inauguration.  What is wrong with that guy?  How many think the Palestinians are going to use that for food, shelter, clothing and jobs? More than likely, they’ll use it for building tunnels and bombs and plotting and planning the continued destruction of Israel.
  2. The organizers of the woman’s march.  One of the four organizaers was a Muslim woman.  Are American women so ignorant as to follow like lemmings a woman who’s culture robs them of basic human rights?  Who are the other organizers?
  3. The Dave Egan, Blackhawk Pistol story.  How is it that Sheriff’s Deputies can go into someone’s house on an illegal search and seizure, (from 2011) take his extensive gun collection and personal property and not return them?
  4. Why is former Sheriff’s Detective Bob Barber not being brought up on charges for instigating an illegal search and seizure of Dave Egan’s home on Aug. 18, 2011? The Blackhawk Pistol in question was sold at auction a year earlier.
  5. Attorney William Cater, Public Defender of the Bryan Ranger Case (#CRF 13-9534).  His response to the People’s Motions in Limine was very good.  This case revolves around a man accused of rape and sexual and physical abuse of his children.  If an innocent man is sitting in jail for nearly four years without benefit of trial, on trumped up charges, had his children taken away, adopted out and put into foster care….what would any normal person  do in that situation?
  6. Attracting businesses and creating jobs.  One of the biggest problems and hurdles is in dealing with the California Coastal Commission.  How to go about getting rid of the Commission?  Create the State of Jefferson?
  7. While some like the notion of Ross Dress for Less, Pet Smart and Bed, Bath and Beyond in our community, not everyone agreed.
  8. What’s happening with the former Gardenia Motel?  Has construction stopped due to the huge amount of asbestos?
  9.  Did you know that you can get an egg with Hollandaise sauce and an English muffin for about $6 at Fisherman’s Restaurant? It was yum, good.
  10. On today’s Board of Supervisors agenda is an item on the consent agenda: Item 22 – Approve and authorize the use of County travel funds for Supervisor Cowan to accompany a contingency of County, City and School District personnel to Rukuzentakata, Japan as requested by Supervisor Cowan.**  4 tickets were provided and paid for by Japan.  Sup. Cowan wants to spend over $3,000 of taxpayers money to join them.  It was mentioned that $3,000 would be better spent on tents and sleeping bags for the homeless.  Or if she wants to go, should she spend her own money.
  11. Why is it that so many elected and appointed officials do not bother to act professionally and return phone calls or emails?  Like Sup. Chris Howard not responding to an email to put term limits on today’s BOS agenda. Likewise School Superintendent, Jeff Harris when asked what can be done to better our public schools from disruptive children, teachers who can’t control the kids and children who are losing the opportunity to learn because of it? Then all five School Board members  have not responded when asked about having a board member from the local taxpayers association  on the school bond oversight committee.
  12. Discussion on the homeless and the Point in Time surveys to be taken Wednesday, January 25th.  Volunteers have to sign a liability waiver indemnifying the County in case of harm or death due to interviewing the homeless. No one has been injured or killed in previous years. Discussion about, “If you build it they will come,” ended in disagreement.
  13. BOS Agenda Item #16:  Appoint Gerry Hemmingsen to California State Association of Counties (CSAC) for the year.  Berkowitz thinks he would do a better job because he has a plan that includes tackling Last Chance Grade.  Gerry has no plan.

There were a lot more items discussed including the logging industry, Trumps first day in office, and Clint’s site on Facebook  where you can ask anything and say anything and already has over 300 members.  As all of this was going on, there was laughing, and chiding and enjoyment of a hot cup of coffee.

Remember, Berkowitz, is interested in what you have to say. He may not have all the answers, but he does look for solutions because it’s your turn to talk.

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