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By Donna Westfall – February 2, 2017 – It’s 6 am and joining Bob Berkowitz, Supervisor 2nd District this morning were Connie Morrison,  and some regulars, Hank, Dave and Roger Gitlin in an invigorating discussion that didn’t get anyone thrown out of Fisherman’s Restaurant.

The topics this morning ranged from:

Term limits, my latest update- 3 sups in favor so far, 1 – no opinion which is Chris Howard, and 1 no answer which is Gerry Hemmingsen.  On the City side – only Mayor Blake Inscore responded with he didn’t want term limits. Some want to see 3 term limits, or a total of 12 years matching what the State has.

Rural Human Services (RHS}- what’s happening to their organization and will they survive? It’s a non-profit that has had rental income from Workforce Center, but since they moved out to 5th and I Street, RHS is hurting.  They are a non-profit, existing on grants and one of their programs is the Harrington House.  I’m waiting for answers to questions from Director, Scott Feller because they are cutting hours and eliminating jobs.

Painting over graffiti will hopefully happen this weekend on Butte.  A house is covered with graffiti. Empty for a long time.  Is it for sale?

Who are the agricultural growers in our area?  Are there move than just lily growers.  What if we want to grow saffron (spice) as a cash crop? Calls to be made to Jason Riggs who is in charge of Animal Control as well as the Agricultural Dept.

Which led us into a heated discussion about GMO’s which Gitlin admitted knowing nothing about; and thinks Monsanto is great, and that led to the problem of Monsanto’s weed killer –  Round-up containing glyphosate which is killing off the bee population in the world which the guys weren’t aware of.

New topic – Senate Bill 54 – making California a Sanctuary State – more on that in another article.

Back to chemicals used on the lily fields with opposing views about “we have the cleanest water verified by the State Water Quality Board” to “300,000 pounds of pesticides are used on the lily field each year which affects our water quality: to, “I trust the Water Quality board like I trust  (insert name of un-trusty person here).” Short discussion on Greg King and he presentation to prior BOS.  Need to learn his qualifications and how pedigreed he is.

To Dave Egan (BlackHawk Pistol story) and Sups saying they cannot comment or do anything. Update on his case coming up later this week.

To how to financially reward idea people.  The people who come up with the ideas to create businesses, create jobs, put people to work.  Can we think of a workable program?  Not if it involves more government was one answer.

To welfare for illegals…. otherwise known as undocumented workers.  Have to send an email to Heather Snow.

And the clock turned 7 am and we all went out and on with our day.











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