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By Donna Westfall – February 3, 2017 –

It's your turn Feb 2, '17Supervisor 5th District, Bob Berkowitz, welcomes everyone to join his 6 am  to 7 am informal meeting held at Fisherman’s Restaurant.  This morning, Calvin Clark, from Nevada County joined in to discuss the State of Jefferson. What other elected government official in our town has made themselves accessible on a daily basis (well, 6 days a week)?  Oftentimes, there are 2 or more government officials attending. Roger Gitlin is a regular attendee.

But according to the Brown Act, there can’t be more than two from the Board of Supervisors or more than two from the City Council.  That’s the law.

As Berkowitz says, “Nothing at this meeting is official. This, however, is a forum where, sometimes, good ideas can be taken to the board of supervisors and be turned into action items. This is called “grass roots” and you are the grass that gets a hearing.”

One thought on “IT’S YOUR TURN”
  1. So, I believe Del Norte County now has financial backing to actually work on making homeless shelters or possibly, homes for humanity it the money can be spent that way? Instead of Berkowitz and Gitlin, et al., blaming homelessness and the homeless, calling them “blight” in essence (what?); we need to set aside a portion of county owned land and somehow, perhaps using wisdoms found the local area of coastal Northern Calif., planning works-in-motion, of other cities (say, Eureka) –to begin to address the many who find themselves homeless and without any hope. Not every one on the streets is a bon vivant or a drug addict. Many are priced out of even a hovel (slim lords abound here). This city is roughly opposite most other cities in having a 70 percent rented situation. Other cities, it’s around 30 percent. That speaks volumes how poor we are, and how desperate some persons are about staying warm/dry. This is a free country; you may live where you might wish to in general. Clint Eastwood famously tried to stop a travelling homeless man from camping legally on his property next to a navigable stream. The judge stopped the police harassment, actually issuing a restraining order against ol’ Eastwood and the cops; the man lived there for two weeks then came to Crescent City…now he has moved on.

    Take the time on occasion to talk to many of the homeless. Many are very upright and worthy individuals. One I know of is a former teacher, but now is paraplegic and has memory issues after a truck hit her while driving. I gave her my rainproof jacket at our library just yesterday, knowing what sort of weather we’d have for a week or more. There, but for the grace of God go we all. Humble yourselves, leaders in our county. Stop using your “power” to make life hell for the homeless; give them a chance at having at least a shelter and a shower. It is likely criminal to treat them as they have been, for so long. At the least is is cruel; very. Build that shelter….git ‘er done Gitlin! Quit stalling at every chance you good ol’ boys get. Stop trying to make Crescent City another Clint Eastwood town of meanies (Carmel). Stop favoring the land barons and their desire to gentrify this place. With so many poor, it is clearly a lost cause anyhow. Cease and desist blaming the poor for the woes of the city/county. We’re all in this life together. Make it work for all; it is the human thing to do.

    That which we do to the least of us, we do to us all (I believe a historic holy person said that a very long time ago).

    -HJ Herman –a lucky, tax paying home owner

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