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By Guest Columnist, Michael Ceremello – June 20, 2018 –

The national scene is getting no more rational, at least from cogitating and ruminating on the actions of those both in the Swamp and the ideologic Left.  When people of all ilk begin to use emotion rather that facts and logic, mainly as a last resort, then it becomes my duty to delve into their nefarious end game to see what this is really all about.

First and foremost is the nonsense within the Investigator General report of “no bias”.  I was listening to Congressman Trey Gowdy interviewing the IG, Michael Horowitz about the report.  The questions were designed to drive home the point that concurrent emails from two FBI agents who were engaged in not only a predetermined exoneration of Hillary Clinton but an implied conspiring against the election of Donald Trump or effort to remove him if he was elected, blatantly showed “bias” for Hillary and against the Donald.

I am getting extremely tired of hearing the media propaganda arm of the Democratic party, namely CNN, MSLSD, and the print media, attempting to focus on anything but the proof.  While I would agree with them that Trump was not exonerated from collusion with the Russians IN THIS DOCUMENT, it was only Trump’s foolish statement which allowed them to attempt to distract us from the damning conclusions within this document.

Also almost entirely slid over is the fact that this document also included a lot of information requested by the Congressional committee investigating the investigation.  Devon Nunes and others need to take legal action against those withholding pertinent information.

So let me boil it all down for you as I don’t have three hours to rant on a single subject ala Rush L.  Former head of the FBI, James Comey, not only did not act professionally but committed the same illegal act as Hillary Clinton did by putting classified documents on a personal unsecure email server.  Peter Strzok’s and Lisa Page’s political fanaticism for Hillary and against Trump is proven.  Those at the top within the FBI, such as the fired Comey, need to be prosecuted for their collusion and conspiratorial actions against a duly elected president.

Why does none of this matter to the indoctrinated Left?  They are children who didn’t get their way and are still engaged in the temper tantrums of a two year old.  They want to play Jedi master, wave their hand, and say, “these are not the facts you are looking for”.  They are not interested in the truth because their fragile snowflake egos and minds can’t handle admission of error in any shape or form, especially their views non-conformance with truth and fact.

The Left’s desired takeover of the greatest country this planet has ever seen has just run into a one man buzz saw.  One man can make a difference and is doing just that.  The distractions of Stormy Daniels, Russian collusion (which is a proven Hillary action), presidential demeanor, psyche, and mental health, and other assorted minor points fail to surmount or competitively counter his dismantling of the progressive agenda and Obama legacy.

The major problem I have with all of this is it is a waste of my time and yours.  We have criminals within our government at the highest levels and those criminals are doing the prosecuting and not being prosecuted … yet.  Those within the Republican party who wish to remain in the Swamp are being extricated and sent home.  Good bye and good riddance to John McCain and Jeff Flake of Arizona, Mark Sanford, and a handful of others who wish to oppose Trump, logic, and common sense.

Amnesty comes to mind as a word to describe how we deal with political fools.  That is the perfect segue into part two of this …

* * * * *

The latest ballyhoo, or boo hoo, from the confused regressive “progressives” is about separation of children from their families.  Most of you are easily caught up in the “pull at your heart strings” emotion spewing from the mouths of those who would abrogate our laws simply to swell their voting rolls.

I have heard all of the dissection of the issues except one.  What this is really all about is “respect for the law”.  When you don’t respect law, you have anarchy.  As a l(L)ibertarian, my political belief system has been attacked as being “anarchist” in its full form.  The difference is if the entire world and all societies believed in self responsibility and accountability, there would be no need for law.  The regressives, on the other hand, want THEIR laws but want to ignore the ones which counter their revolution.

That being said, whose responsibility is it to keep these families together?  Why is it different for an American citizen who commits a crime?  Why is it America’s responsibility to give asylum to those from third world “shitholes”?  So anyone who wants to come here simply has to say “life sucks where I am from and I want the American way except that I don’t want to assimilate”?

Now I am hearing that some of these “families” are really not families at all but contain kidnapped youth.  Then we have the other fact that many children are attempting to cross the border on their own.  Who separated them from their families?  Yet the media doesn’t want to make that point because it distracts from their emotional façade and desire to have completely open borders.  The fact that leftist lawyers are giving these people scripts at the border is also evidence of a plot to circumvent immigration law.

This is really simple.  Apply to come into America legally.  Survive in your own country until the request is honored or change the politics within your own country.  Yes, fighting for what is right may cost you your fortune and family but isn’t that what Americans did both in founding our country and internally to rid ourselves of slavery?

I hear that freedom isn’t free.  That isn’t exactly true.  Thanks to the American socialists who freely spend taxpayers’ tax money, it is happening every day.  We continue to let it happen because of the weak willed who rely on their “feelings” to make decisions and the strong willed subversives known as progressives.

This “separation of children from their families” is not Trump policy.  It is immigration law.  Obama ignored the law, introducing many disease carrying children into our communities which then saw a rise in illness which had been eradicated in our country such as tuberculosis.  Again, the Left ignores the law when convenient to their end goal which is to flood our country with people who don’t believe in our culture or values which will destroy the system they despise.

Deportation is feared by politicians only concerned with re-election.  You are part of the twenty million who are here illegally?  You need to leave and I will pick my own lettuce.  You don’t want deportation?  Then endorse my other solution of annexing Mexico.  That will take care of Trump’s NAFTA concerns and “illegals”.  It isn’t about conquest.

It is about survival, stupid …

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