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By Angry Old American

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Joe Biden has not won the United States Presidential Election. He may yet accomplish that feat; but this election is far from over.

Likewise, “Elected” Senators, Congressional Representatives, State Legislators, and Local Representatives, along with State and Local Propositions and Measures are likewise being legally challenged during this contentious election. Law suits are flying into Federal, State and Local Superior Courts throughout the Nation, as both human tampering with ballots and voting machine manipulation are being investigated further. More suits will be filed in coming weeks.

America’s mainstream media do not determine the results of our elections. NONE of the States have certified their election results, and the Electoral College has not cast its vote. At this point in time, there are no clear victors in the 2020 elections. Our News Outlets are not reporting the News; but have chosen and dictated a story to fit their own agenda and labeled it News. Biden’s triumph is the Frankenstein fabrication of our mainstream media. The six corporations that own over 90% of our media obviously consider themselves to be in command of our electoral process and subsequently of the future of our Country. However, they will not be in complete control until they overthrow the US Government and shift us into a totalitarian oligarchy where corporations rule the United States.

This overthrow and subsequent shift is what is at issue. Our rights under the Constitution and our Liberty are what is at stake.

Will a significant portion of our Nation follow the Pied Piper of mainstream media; or will they remain lucid, sober and fixed upon the Constitution and rule of Law?

What should we call this declaration of Joe Biden as President prior to all votes being counted and certified, a thorough audit, and the required vote from our Electoral College? Is it a harmless fib; or is it Treason? Lives will no doubt be lost through violent insurrection as a direct result of this mainstream media disinformation. Should the media corporations be held accountable for the consequences of outright lies, or are they above the law?

Let’s take a look at Big Tech’s Wikipedia definition of Treason “Treason is criminal disloyalty, typically to the state. It is a crime that covers some of the more extreme acts against one’s nation or sovereign. This usually includes things such as participating in a war against one’s native country, attempting to overthrow its government, spying on its military, its diplomats, or its secret services for a hostile and foreign power, or attempting to kill its head of state.”

Most historical prosecutions for Treason in the United States were predicated on acts of violence against the United States Government during tax or ideological rebellions. At least one was the result of raising a false flag above government buildings, likewise resulting in violent armed conflict. Others involved aid and comfort to an enemy, or espionage leading to secrets falling into the hands of enemies.

So far, both Mainstream Media and Big Tech have incited and encouraged violent riots on America’s streets for over four months; all while shifting the narrative to “Almost Peaceful Protests,” and covering-up evidence of violence. Some rational minds have already likened these “Almost Peaceful Protests” involving riots, looting, vandalism and arson to outright insurrection. During three years of Presidential impeachment hearings, the mainstream media, search engines and social media have censored or distorted critical evidence in favor of the President, and whitewashed the guilty parties. They have failed to report evidence that our Pandemic was a biological weapon developed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). They have ignored or downplayed CCP technology espionage rings operating inside America’s Ivy League Universities and Colleges. They have supported Marxist and Maoist values of Cultural Revolution, and divisive doctrines of Identity Politics and Critical Race Theory. They have consistently betrayed their audiences while promoting important agendas of the CCP that are contrary to the welfare of our Constitutional Republic. Could these actions alone have brought charges against the Mainstream Media and Big Tech for attempted overthrow of the United States Government?

Now these same six Media Moguls and four High Tech Monopolists have chosen to step far beyond the limits of reason by declaring who our President will be. Because this action supports a political challenger against an established regime, it can only be defined as an open rebellion. Laws are in place to address High Treason and the foment of insurrection. Should these Laws be applied to the heads and controlling interests of both the Mainstream Media and Technology Corporations involved in this revolt?

Yes, they are “Richer than God” and rank among the wealthiest people in the world. Yet, if limits are not imposed upon the exercise of their power, we will all be destined to a life of slavery. Should these six Media Giants and four Internet Monopolists face incarceration in a military prison such as Guantanamo, and subsequent trial by Military Tribunal under the Patriot Act for Treason punishable by death?

We have seen American citizens arrested and incarcerated in Guantanamo in the past for terrorism. We have even seen them tried by Military Tribunal in Absentia and executed. Many of these citizens faced charges for planned attacks on the United States. Of those who actually carried out attacks, the consequences of their actions paled in comparison to the loss of life and billions of dollars of property damage resulting from mainstream media’s recent fomentation of riots, looting and arson. Now they are attempting to seize the government itself.

For the past several days we have heard the mainstream media drone on with their false narrative. “Joe Biden is President Elect,” “Deranged Trump Supporters Refuse to Accept Reality!” “There are no examples of election fraud.”

Polls closed according to individual State’s Laws between 7 pm and 9 pm on the 3rd of November, with the deadline to receive mail-in votes being eight hours later, between 3 am and 5 am the next morning. Odd coincidence that Poll Watchers were dismissed one hour after the deadline to receive mail-in ballots, and that most locations did not receive these mail-in ballots til the very last minute by the truck-load. However, some polling locations continued to accept mail-in votes for three to seven days after this deadline. Though these late votes are to be set-apart from the rest pending inspection and legal challenge, many were opened and counted anyway.

According to attorney Sidney Powell, over 450,000 tainted ballots have already been uncovered. These were all ballots that arrived at 4 am, the last hour to legally receive ballots. All of these ballots exclusively contained votes for Biden as President, with not a single vote for any other ballot races or issues; completely blank except for their vote for Biden. One poll watcher in Detroit reported a truck load of 130,000 ballots arriving at 4 am, all votes were for Biden. One Biden mail-in voter in Detroit was born in 1900; at 120 years old she both received and returned a completed ballot though she was not even registered. A whistle-blower in Detroit detailed election workers being ordered by a supervisor to back-date ballots; leading to a State-wide FBI investigation. There are many hundreds of Court authorized Poll Watchers in other States who were either unreasonably restricted from doing their jobs, denied access entirely, or arrested for attempting to do their duty according to court order. These are only a small fraction of potential voter fraud irregularities and improprieties being submitted as evidence to the courts. Will subsequent inspection during formal investigations uncover physical evidence? Polling Stations in many contested jurisdictions are already reversing their positions of a Biden victory in favor of Trump after internal audit and review prior to facing outside scrutiny.

Then there were a flurry of voting machine mishaps. There are reports of machines not counting ballots filled out with Sharpie Pens because of bleed-over; this despite voter testimony of poll workers snatching ballpoint pens from election-day on-site voters and replacing them with Sharpies. Faulty algorithms have already led to recounts in many jurisdictions that admitted the errors as “Isolated Incidents;” though these same algorithms were loaded on all their other machines. Were these the same 60,000 Smartmatic machines distributed in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin in the mid-2000s? These are the same Smartmatic machines that resulted in landslide Socialist victories in Venezuela. Of course, we could never insinuate that Chavez or Maduro would have tampered in Venezuelan elections. Or could these be the voting machines from Canadian owned Dominion Voting that provided machines to 60 jurisdictions in twelve States during the last elections. According to The Political Insider, this is the same Dominion Voting that was directly linked as a major contributor to the Clinton Foundation in 2016.

No evidence of vote fraud? If direct first-hand witness testimony can be considered evidence, then the door has been opened.

If the heads of these media corporations and tech firms are not stopped soon, their false narrative and cover-ups may continue beyond judicial decisions being rendered. Not only will they cover-up evidence, as they have done so many other times in the past; but they will totally ignore or distort the legal decisions. They will place themselves above the Law.

There are those who are celebrating, and I would recommend that they continue. The mainstream media narrative will continue with this fabrication until judicial decisions based on physical evidence are rendered. Better to celebrate than riot, loot and burn.

Unfortunately, the majority of American People will never know the whole truth until these six mega-powerful Media Moguls and four High-Tech Internet monopolists are brought to justice. They control over 90% of all news outlets and their internet information monopolists censor facts and opinions that differ from the authorized narrative. Their agenda and message are now uniform. In the case of Fox News, their only mainstream opposition, Disney simply bought the last conservative voice and compromised their reports. We have entered an Orwellian world where words and thoughts are being controlled. Free speech will soon be a thing of the past.

This message you are reading now will most-likely be censored and vanish at any minute. If you found it useful and merits sharing, then copy and mirror it before it is gone forever.

I wish all of you a pleasant ride on this roller-coaster. A wild ride it will be!


Angry Old American

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