Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

By Linda Sutter

Joey Young, Director of Del Norte Human Resource, once again demonstrated his arrogance with blatant disregard to law when he failed to show up for his court appearance for new charges that had been placed on him for intentionally violating a restraining order . Attorney Mike Riese stated to the Judge that a procedure of giving a two day notice to Joey Young before amending a complaint was not given.

Judge Follett disagreed.

Judge Follett placed a warrant out for Joey Young’s arrest with a $30,000 bail.

  1. Does anybody know Joey Young write’s the check’s out for county worker’s! And Lawyers in this town! Well he does!

  2. Who doled out the tsunami money? Walgreens/Wal-Mart/Safeway dumping settlement money? People were handed $25,000 up to $200,000 to do what they wanted. Pissed away money that could have been used for roads and other projects.

    The senior center embezzlers won’t face justice. Just like Wal-Mart embezzler or the Yurok $1 million dollar embezzlers.

  3. Who knows the name of the sheriff deputy that texted/sexted and wasted most of the work days trying to have sex with an underage foreign exchange student. This poor girl was a victim. Cell phone records can show the crimes by the deputy..no trial.

  4. Who needs courtrooms when we have townspeople with pitchforks and ropes? Simply accuse someone and watch their lives burn. I understand many of you don’t like Mr. Young, but that doesn’t give you the right to talk crap about him online. Let him have his day in court. Don’t be stupid. I know my opinion might not be popular, but i still believe in our Constitution. Do you?

    1. Indeed, I do believe that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land in the United States of America. Strange that it doesn’t bother you that Joey thinks he is above the law by violating the restraining order and failing to show up for court. As a community, we need to protect our children, and if it takes pitchforks to do it, so be it.

      1. You’ll have to remind me … which part of the Constitution talks about the pitchforks?

        Silliness aside (pitchforks are in the Sixth Amendment, of course), why stop there? How about a rope? Let’s sew hoods and sheets for the safety and protection of the brave citizens willing to use the pitchfork and rope in the execution of sacred Constitutional duties. We can pay for them with the money we save by closing the courthouse. It’s for the children, after all.

        (For the record I think it is appalling that Mr. Young has failed to appear, and if he is found guilty by a jury of his peers, I hope he receives the appropriate sentence. Meanwhile my yard tools will stay in the shed until the Good Lord sees fit to send us rain and give me some actual hay to pitch.)

  5. oh and it also should be noted that Joey Young demonstrates a blatant disrespect for something as simple as a restraining order…and the county rewards him by giving him his job back….is there some kind of weird sexual ring occurring on the county level???

    1. Does anybody know WHO actually has the authority to fire Joey Young from our county? They obviously don’t object to underage sex, which I find creepy. Thank God that Del Norte High School had the decency and common sense to dismiss the pedophile.

  6. Here is what needs to be said in public forum…we are taxpayers… we pay for all county, city, and state workers employment including our elected officials…with that said can our board of supervisors assure we, the taxpayers, that Joey Young is not utilizing taxpayers computers to send his underage boyfriend pictures of his body parts while conducting county business..??? There appears to be a pattern here set by a common denominator…that common denominator is Jay Sarina who has demonstrated in the past and currently his dislike towards women..case in point…he refused to acknowledge a complaint I personally submitted when the FORMER animal control guy, Ken Smith, used inappropriate sexual phrases to me..I had to bring it to a public forum…secondly it is alleged that assistant district attorney zocchi battered his previous employer who was a woman and then turned around and filed reverse sexual harassment against the county and settled out of court..now Jay Sarina lets an alleged pedophile work on county computers…and the wife of said pedophile is told to buck up or get fired…additionally Mr.Sarina is commonly known among female department heads as a misogynist and treats them accordingly…yet this man makes $157,623.00 to treat public employees like that and to hire men who have serious issues with women.

    1. Not really, Mr. Young is still working and going on with his life, as he has done nothing wrong. Makes me want to vomit! I know we are a laid-back community, which I like, but this is unacceptable behavior to most, except to Crescent City I guess :/

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