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Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association – July 11, 2018 –

Are you ready to be part of the biggest tax revolt since Proposition 13 in 1978?

In November, voters will have the opportunity to vote YES on PROPOSITION 6, the GAS TAX REPEAL INITIATIVE. You can help organize the rallies, get signs and stickers, and join with other taxpayers to REPEAL THE GAS AND CAR TAX that the state Legislature imposed on hard-working Californians without a vote of the people.

Be sure to check the list below or for an organizing meeting in your area. Mark your calendar and help us REPEAL THE GAS AND CAR TAX with a landslide vote for YES on PROPOSITION 6 in November!

One thought on “Join the fight for YES on PROPOSITION 6, the GAS TAX REPEAL INITIATIVE”
  1. For those of us who live in Crescent City, the gas tax is a nice excuse to go to the very well run city of Brookings and fill up the tank. While there it is nice to go to a well kept movie theater, Fred Meyers, and buy some kerosene (50 cents less a gallon in Brookings). The savings on gas tax, kerosene tax, and sales tax make the trip worth while alone. California is a very taxing place to live, eh? Not having to deal with the idiots of Crescent City in a theater is a nice perk also – it seems some people have a hard time with that cell phone thing.

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