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Last week in the Del Norte Triplicate there was yet another article about Jon Alexander and his newest contention tactic of threats to the Board of Supervisors. Former Del Norte District Attorney, Jon Alexander, hired a personal attorney to request payments be made to him for his wages during the time he is appealing the California State Bar decision to disbar him.

Well let’s think about this. The Judge recommended Jon Alexander be disbarred. Yet, Mr. Alexander wants to come to the office to do administrative work while the appeal process is playing out. Mr. Alexander cannot legally practice law. He cannot give advice nor can he represent the people in any way.  I guess he could make coffee, dust tables or pull a file or two, and get paid for it, but not as an attorney.

When Del Norte Assistant District Attorney Mordechai Pelta was placed on administrative time off by the County, he received a check until he was fired from the county completely. That was because he was a county employee and if they are anything like the State jobs, you are entitled to what they call ATO. That means until their investigation and the findings of the investigation are completed and a decision has been reached payment continues. During that time an article appeared in the local paper wherein Jon Alexander was quoted saying, “If you don’t work, you don’t get paid.”  However, now that Jon Alexander is the one out of work he doesn’t want to play by the same rules.

This information was brought up at the Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday, June 25th by myself and local probate attorney, Victoria Dickey. Mrs. Dickey presented some valuable information that the Board of Supervisors needed to read in order to make an informative decision on whether or not to continue paying Jon Alexander.

I have complete confidence that the Board of Supervisors will research this matter and do what is right for the taxpayers of this county. We simply cannot afford to pay large amounts of money to people who are not eligible for employment. Even if Mr. Alexander were to win his case, the fact of the matter is this; he was unable to practice law during the appeal process and that includes access to privileged information. And the County would owe him nothing.

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  2. there is a correction that needed to be made in regards to Mordechai Pelta;Mordechai Pelta was not technically fired. He went through an administrative appeal process and ended up being allowed to resign effective the date of his wrongful termination. The county also paid him a settlement amount of over $200,000 due to the wrongful and unlawful acts of Jon Alexander in ousting him from the da’s office. I can assure you with 100% confidence that the foregoing is correct!

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