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By Roger Gitlin – EYE ON DEL NORTE – September 12, 2021

Fred Meyer (Kroger) announced significant increases on its Stores’ complete product line, is on going and will continue to worsen.

This is NOT business as usual.

As fuel prices plow through the $6 a gallon barrier heading up to ???, transportation costs will soar. The vicious cycle of inflation and soon to be hyperinflation has been launched. And like helium. Prices are heading into the ionosphere.

The United States is in deep trouble. I do not stand before you an hysterical person, but as a sentry for impending peril. Ineffective and alzheimerd-president Biden is responsible and accountable. Biden and the Democrats are pushing and hope to pass a $3.5 Trillion business-killing Bill masquerading as an Infrastructure cure-all.

It’s lie…and. if passed, Americans will pay through the nose by expanding the National Debt of $30+ trillion, massively, stimulating even more inflation. Our precious currency will become like a banana republic peso or the worthless deutchmark of the Weimer Republic of a hundred years ago, when Germany paid off its massive World War I $19 Billion bill after losing the War. The result was hyperinflation. One needed a wheel barrel full of toilet paper (fiat currency) valueless money to buy a loaf of bread. Now these incompetent and dangerous people in Federal gov’t will launch us onto a journey to Hell.

From the debacle of Afghanistan to the destruction our currency, the Administration is a complete failure. These evil-doers must be removed. And sadly if not tragically, our local governments sit on their hands, say and do nothing but dutifully follow Newsom, Sacramento, Washington DC and the misguided Socialist/ Communist Left.

War has been declared on America.

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