Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

By Linda Sutter…

Joey Young was to appear in court this afternoon for his arraignment. Representative Mike Riese appeared on Young’s behalf. Riese informed the Judge that District Attorney Trigg, who is currently on vacation, gave Joey Young permission to continue the arraignment process, however DA Trigg was not even available by telephone to verify this matter and it was not done in writing.

Deputy District Attorney Zocchhi wanted to issue a restraining order on Joey Young to stay away from victim, Juan Ramirez, who will be 18 years old in 2 months. Juan Ramirez made an appearance and a statement in the court room that he was friends with Joey Young and did not feel threatened by Joey Young in any way. Ramirez further stated that he felt he should have some say in this process as he will be 18 years old in 2 months.

The Court ordered Joey Young to enter into the Court Room as he was sitting outside in the lobby of the court. Joey Young entered the court room and was presented with a restraining order which ordered him no contact physically, electronically, telephonically, or otherwise with Juan Ramirez. The restraining order further read he was not to harass or molest, nor disturb the peace. Mr. Young was ordered by the court to surrender any and all firearms in the next 48 hours.

Additionally the court will be wanting to hear from the victim’s parents.

Joey Young will appear for arraignment on July 7, at 1:30 P.M.

  1. It seems as though Mr.Young thinks he walks on water. Still working at home, coming to and from the administration office. Hmmmm… saying he hasn’t done a darn thing wrong….. Well from the looks of it and from the sounds of what Juan told some of the cheer girls and restaurant staff…. they told Juan he would ruin your life and your kids as well as the rest of your family but I guess they don’t matter to you….never mind that this community has looked up to you for you to teach our kids as well and you let everyone down. How could you do this to us… your family, your friends. What is so great about Juan thay you would give up all of it? What about your marriage vows… “…sickness and health.” We all knew she had her issues but she overcame them. Now overcome yours; be a man! Be an example to your kids right now because right now you are not an example. You look and act like someone who just cares about a young boy.

  2. Ok people this is all public record go check it out I DID! He is being charged with a PC 288.4(b) Basically its staging a meeting to meet a minor for intent to have sex BUT you don’t have to have sex with them to be charged JUST meet them there. NOW that is JUST that first charge. Would the DA charge him if they didn’t have anything, NO they are not retards!!!!! Again Del Norte County Board of Supervisors Clean up your employees!!!!! Any other employee you would have fired by now! And isn’t it just like a young “in Love Teen” to protect his predator who is OH IF MOST OF US LOCALS WHO WENT TO SCHOOL WITH HIM RECALL 41 YEARS OLD …GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are not in high school!
    Start Teaching your girls how a lady should be treated even if you don’t like them cuz sure messed up your wife, go ahead, blame your wife we have all heard it in town she is a big mouth, I hope she talks more! MAYBE IF YOUR BOYFRIEND WOULDN’T HAVE OPENED HIS BIG FAT MOUTH AT OUR RESTURANT THIS NEVER WOULD HAVE HAPPEND AND YOU TWO COULD HAVE LIVED A BEAUTIFUL LIFE AND HE COULD HAVE CHANGED YOUR DEPENDS!

  3. What are the allegations? What are the charges? Is there any allegation of physical contact? Was there anything besides texting?

    1. if you are truly interested in the case, it is on file at the court house, you can attain the information from there…and,…just for general information, touching does not have to be involved with penal code 647.6 also if you look up silly suzies case, can’t remember the owner’s name, right now, but he was convicted for annoying or molesting any minor under the age of 18 while motivated by an unnatural or abnormal sexual interest in the minor. The sentencing and punishment for annoying or molesting a child can be severe.

  4. Funny how when other County employees get arrested they do not get “Paid Administrative Leave” and often lose their jobs.

    It pays to have friends in high places. 🙁

    1. Lisa,

      You are correct is all about who you know.

      It is sad that the public does not put pressure on the Board of Supervisors to clean up all the County Departments and who runs them. And this is the Personnel Department, you know the one that has sway into who does and who does not get hired/promoted.


  5. I thought arraignement was with in a certain amount of hours.. Joey was posting pictures of himself with three little girls,,, two were probably his,,, although I guess he like boys,,,, dang after the big wave crap,,I almost believe they don’t care about that crime, ya know what happened with him I never seen that,,,thanks for the information ,,,,,,,

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