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January 11, 2018 –

One definition of “corrupt” is:

“doing things that are dishonest or illegal in order to make money or to gain or keep power.”

Today I’m starting a column called “Judicial Watch” in which I expose the corruption of certain local judges in a four-part series.  This is a factual report based on court documents and is not an ‘opinion piece’.  This does not include our newest judge, Judge Darren McElfresh.  Judge McElfresh appears to have distanced himself from corrupt practices.

For the past 10 years I’ve been extremely hesitant to go public for fear of retaliation.  These corrupt judges retaliate on a regular basis.  Circumstances have changed and now I’m able to finish my legal matters in a court outside of Del Norte County.  Donna Westfall convinced me to finally go public.  In the next few weeks I will expose 10 years of drastic corruptive practices made by certain local judges.

Acts of Local Judicial Corruption In Summary

This is a four-part series.  For today I’ll just summarize some of the corrupt acts.  I’ll include specific names, dates, case numbers, etc. in following articles.

The whole thing started when I was sued by an old girlfriend, Jennifer Fenswick, while she was the Chair of the Democratic Central Committee for Del Norte County.  She used her influence in the Democratic Party to bring a scam lawsuit against me in which she attempted to wipe me out and take everything I’ve ever owned and worked for.  Prior to being sued locally I’ve never been involved in court matters in my life.  Years later I proved the suit was a scam to a judge in Santa Clara County.

1. Judge Philip M. Schafer and Judge William Follett:

The drastically corrupt rulings were initiated by Judge Philip M. Schafer.  Other local judges joined in later to further and protect Judge Schafer’s corrupt acts and rulings.  Judge Follett has gone as far as to fabricate his own facts and law to block me from accessing the court.  Judge Follett did so to block me from introducing the evidence that proves everything I’m saying is true.

The outrageous acts of Judge Schafer came after I refused to abide by his unlawful rulings.  He illegally obstructed my right to introduce evidence proving my case.  He also disregarded uncontested substantial evidence without so much as offering an excuse.  At a later date, he also threatened a wholly illegal blackmail against me in which he would fine me if I didn’t dismiss the same case he previously guaranteed would not be obstructed.  Ultimately I was able to go around Judge Schafer and his illegal conduct and get a judge from Santa Clara County.  That judge properly allowed the evidence previously refused by Judge Schafer and awarded me the full recovery to which I am entitled.  In another case another judge superseded another of Judge Schafer’s illegal rulings.

Scam suits come and go.  But in my case the acts of certain local judges clearly prove they were in on the scam, whether motivated by political party affiliation, personal favor, bribery, or otherwise.  These acts are easily distinguishable from mere judicial error.

After that, Judge Schafer unlawfully, if not criminally, acted to block me from court.  Judge Schafer did so although he had been disqualified and despite he had no authority or jurisdiction in the matter.

2. Former Judge Chris Doehle:

Chris Doehle is a good attorney.  But her corrupt rulings as an assigned judge were extreme.  Although she’s no longer a judge, it’s important to know the degree she went to as an assigned judge when acting to block my right to bring a valid issue to court.  For one example, on her last day as an assigned judge, Judge Doehle defied specific instructions directed to her by the First District Court of Appeal in San Francisco, an act that would ordinarily be considered an act of contempt against the higher court.  Fortunately a judge from Santa Clara County quickly voided Judge Doehle’s ruling.  Judge Doehle also ruled that licensed attorneys that lie to the court are fully protected by the First Amendment, despite mountains of law to the contrary.

3. Retired Former Judge Weir

Judge Weir also made a few unlawful rulings which may have been judicial error.  In my opinion he did so as a favor to Judge Schafer.  In one incident, Judge Weir shortened a two-year statute of limitations to about six months and dismissed a claim based on that ruling.  There is no authority for any judge to do so as it contradicts law passed by the California Legislature and is not open to interpretation.  Again, this judicial error may have been influenced by Judge Schafer.

The ultimate goal of these corrupt judges is to keep crucial evidence from being admitted, even if it violates a citizen’s constitutionally protected right to due process.  The degree of obstruction of due process rights is shocking.  And, unfortunately, these judges hide behind and enjoy judicial immunity from liability.

I later proved to a judge from Santa Clara County, based on clear and convincing evidence, that the original suit against me was based on malice and was absent any probable cause.  I also obtained reversal of most of the corrupt local rulings.  The remaining corrupt rulings are still reversible, but Judge Follett continues to unlawfully block my constitutionally protected right to access the court based on his fabrication of law.  Reversals of most corrupt rulings were made by judges from outside the area and by the First District Court of Appeal in San Francisco.  By corrupt, I mean that certain local judges repeatedly refuse to follow the law or abide by constitutional rights, and have acted and continue to act illegally to deprive my constitutionally protected due process rights.

This is just an initial overview.  In the next few weeks I’ll cover the specific details behind these corrupt judicial rulings in great detail including dates and case numbers.  I’ll also point out some of the ways Judge Follett unlawfully manipulated grand jury investigations.  If you ever felt our local grand jury was sometimes manipulated by political agendas, you were right.

These reports are based on court documents.  While I very much welcome comments based on personal experiences, I ask readers not to debate what is already established by these court documents.  The matters are not really up for debate because proof of corruption exists in the black and white difference between rulings and treatment made locally and rulings made by courts of equal or higher authority that are outside Del Norte County.  These other and higher courts have in many circumstances voided, overruled, reversed and superseded some of the corrupt rulings made locally.


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