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By Guest Columnist, Michael Ceremello – January 31, 2018 –

An interesting component of the discussion on illegal immigration is the perspective that Democrats truly don’t want to solve the issue as it takes away a key platform point for future elections.  How can you say Republicans are racist when they actually are allowing double the amount of the supposed “innocents” whose culprit parents brought them here as children to proceed on “a path to citizenship.”

There does come a time when it is wiser to keep your pie hole shut than open it and prove to all your level of intelligence.  At least I see Chuckie boy Schumer was a little smarter than Nancy Pelosi.  Talk about taking Trump’s bait.

What’s up with Nancy Pelosi?  Trump has a “campaign to make America white again.”  “The Statue of Liberty has a tear in her eye.”  “These people are here and they are following the rules.”

I mean “REALLY”, Nancy?  So your campaign is to make America “darker,” in both aptitude and contribution?  When did being a certain color NOT connotate a racial component when that is the primary complaint against a person or segment of society?

Not to be outdone in thoughtless rhetoric was Michael Moore.  Prior to the State of the Union address, this film maker and social critic made the statement that “we have to change the culture which led to Trump being elected in the first place.”  Moore wants to change the “system”.  To what, Michael, out and out one party communism which has been the goal of the Progressives and their movement for the last 100 years?

I just saw a cartoon on this subject.  Free food, free lodging, free medical.  The liberal utopia where only the police have guns.  It is called jail.

Back to Nancy, you sound a lot like Michael Bennett out of Colorado.  The DACA people and their parents are here illegally … period … end of story.  Now that they are here and are “following the rules”, we are just supposed to forget how they got here?

I think what bugs me the most is everyone saying there is no way all of them, and I mean ALL illegals, can be deported.  It seems to me that this attitude is defeatist.  If Eisenhower could round up a million and bus them back across the border, I think we can find a similar solution.  It won’t happen in Jerry Brown’s Kalifornia.  So Jeff Sessions needs to get off his butt and arrest Jerry for violating federal immigration law.

To sum this segment up, it is not a crime to be a “white” person any more than it is to be a person who practices a specific religion.  What is a crime is “hating” because of a culture which has given the world one of the greatest countries it has ever seen.  I suggest to Nancy that Mario Lanza singing Pagliacci, or Enrico Caruso or Pavrotti doing the same, is far superior to your revered alternative music from the “hood.”  Somehow Irving Berlin remains vastly superior to Eminem, NWA, or JayZ.

Perhaps it is only the aspect called taste.  In that case, you have none …

* * * * *

The drivel continues to emanate from the Illuminati “intelligensia” posing as journalists.  Somehow I was trained at the university level to examine subjects before me on a neutral basis, to see issues from all aspects, then to determine the truth in the arguments to come to a conclusion.  Let’s take a quick look at the Russian investigation.

The latest bleat and whine is “Trump wanted to fire Mueller back when this started”.  Little backlash if it were to happen now.  “Twenty years from now, we will look back and view this partisanship as unbelievable and it is the Republicans who are guilty of it.”


Sorry folks, but I don’t make this stuff up.  The fact is Mueller was friends with James Comey.  The fact is Mueller tainted his investigation by employing Hillary Clinton supporters and donors.  The fact is a “fake dossier”, paid for by Hillary Clinton, was the basis for going to the FISA court to get permission to do a wire tap on Donald Trump.  The fact is while nothing has come forth proving ANY collusion, which is not a crime by the way, between the Russians and Trump, there has been plenty of note worthy findings pointing to a very corrupt politic opponent of Mr. Trump.

Next we go on to the latest red herring argument by those who won’t accept an election which didn’t turn out to their satisfaction.  Collusion with Russians to interfere in the elections does not exist, so how can or could Trump be guilty of “obstructing justice” when there was nothing to obstruct.  I would simply call it not wasting resources on wild “partisanship” goose chases and, at best, using our resources wisely and productively, something government never seems to do.

Yet this ongoing foolishness doesn’t stop here in the US.  Now we have the Russians accusing the US of interfering in their upcoming election.  Get real, folks.  Influencing an election?  I could buy that.  Interfering is a whole other ball game unless you, as a candidate, can’t handle the truth coming out which might reflect badly on yourself.  If that is the meaning of “interference”, then real journalism “interferes” with any and all elections.

Time to start thinking for yourselves …


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