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By Samuel Strait, Report at Large – January 22, 2021

I have been in the “Comments” section of this paper accused of being a
conspiracy theorist.  That assumes a great deal about the articles I
produce.  So lets say, I talk about a video that could well be a
conspiracy theory, and I will point out why, I am not making any
statements that I can’t support, and why the theory component is
missing.  What I will write about are simply the facts stated in the
video without stringing the facts together to make any kind of a
conspiracy.  That part of it I leave to my readers, so they might become
the conspiracy theorists.

The following video that recently aired on London Real at the following
contends that it was tracking the developments surrounding the Corona
virus from 1999 to the present.  The video begins by giving the bona
fides of the investigator, David Martin, then proceeds to the year 1999
when IBM digitized one million patents in a searchable form.  The video
goes on to explain that a search was made to reveal all activity
surrounding Biological and Chemical Weapons at any point in the world.

In 2003 an event in Hong Kong drew attention to the SAR virus when an
epidemic occurred.  No one should be surprised that an epidemic occurred in that part of the world as the World Health Organization which tracks epidemics has reported at least one in China nearly every year since it began keeping those records.

On the heels of the outbreak in Hong Kong, November of 2003, the CDC
applied and was granted a patent that controlled any further development on the Corona virus.  A couple of names cropped up in that development that should be recognized by all in the field, Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Ralph Baric, both at the center of this research.  From 2003 until 2018, these two and a host of others controlled the development of the virus going forward at the behest of the CDC’s patent.  The video makes the point that if the virus is natural it is illegal to ask for a patent. 
It also makes the point that if the virus is manufactured, it is also
illegal under international law.  At that point Dr. Baric becomes the
focal point of the discussion as the chief researcher of the Corona
virus, which is in either form, natural or manufactured, is illegal. The
next part of the saga occurred in 2007, when the CDC requested the
patent office to make the patent confidential. Nothing like transparency.

Some time between 2012 and 2013 something happened that forced the
National Institute of Health to step in, Dr. Fauci any one? The NIA
ordered research on the Corona virus halted, but not really, and
continued to fund it.  I know you are saying, WHAT? While research at
Harvard, Emory and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was
halted, but not really, until 2015. At that point the research was
shipped overseas, yes, you guessed it, to Wuhan, China.  Couple that
with the bitter pill, the US government continued the funding of the
Wuhan facility thru a series of cut out organizations, Eco Health
Incorporated to name one of them, until the present.  During that time
the paltry sum of $3.7 million taxpayer dollars continued to fund the
Wuhan Institute.

Those are the facts.  Now I realize that all kinds of speculation is
ripe for the offering about what went on behind the scenes, but that’s
for all you conspiracy theorists.  Keep in mind that those patents are
worth hundreds of billions of dollars when it comes to the development
of any vaccine, any testing set, and any further research into Corona
virus.  The testing alone profits the manufacturers a billion dollars a
day.  Not exactly chump change. And then the vaccines are now being
rolled out at what cost?

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