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By Guest Columnist Michael Ceremello – August 31, 2017

Yes, once again I have fallen prey to the liberal’s hypocritical national issue of the day.  While denouncing racism against minorities, racism as well as rejection of traditional cultural values of the declining majority in the United States seems not to be a problem for those on the Left.  The only problem, as pointed out by more than one conservative commentator, is those going after “white privilege, white racism, and just being white as the problem” are themselves of the Caucasian persuasion.

I understand white liberal guilt quite well.  Those incapable of thinking on their own, with minds of mush as those entering college are said to have, are quite easily duped because of weak psyches.  I would simply ask any successful entrepreneur, “what have you stolen from anyone else in order to be successful?”  My bet is not one of them could come up with one circumstance to validate the Left’s claim.

We all have seen the divisive policies of the Left, founded on some hypothetical victimization.  I only experienced “affirmative action” one time and that is when I took the test to become a plumber.  With some 1400 people in the room, I figured I wouldn’t finish on top.  I was wrong.

So why isn’t Mike a plumber in the Bay Area?  I was told I was the wrong color.  You see, those looking to hire could take either of the top two candidates.  Rather than bemoan my fate, or let anyone else control what I wanted to accomplish, I went in a different direction.  Eventually, you have to draw a line in the sand and say enough is enough.

Just as no one cared in my case, we see this scheme being perpetuated and amplified in the media, perhaps to a crescendo level since Trump’s inauguration.  What is fascinating to me is to see the oxymoronic ranting spouted as outrage or fact by the pseudo famous or Hollywood types.

How do you come out against hate by hating?  Do you really mean it when you say you believe in free speech only to the point of someone’s determination “some speech isn’t worth protecting”?  The magic buzz word of the day is “racism” but those who condemn it are themselves racists attempting to attack a specific race as the problem.

While some pointed out to me many years ago that jealousy is the motivating factor for those who would steal from you in the name of justice and reversing inequality, there is a mental disequilibrium beyond that pettiness.  Once again, we see the need in many people to have power and control over others.

Rather than giving example after example, I would rather focus on what the real problem is and solutions to it.  Instead of using force and restricting others’ freedom(s), I leave it to the reader to think and calculate we have all been fed a bill of goods to look at this in only one way.

Simplifying it so even my neighbor can understand it, “the problem isn’t that the pie is only so big; the problem is you aren’t looking at making more pie.”  So how exactly do we do this?  You do it by attaining more freedom.  You do it by removing restrictions and assuring that governmental bureaucracy is not there simply to preserve the market share of their buddies.

There are two ways to look at unfairness – 1) to be as unfair as those you accuse or 2) find a solution not destroying one party to benefit the other.  Let’s briefly look at a non-economic current topic, that of mob controlled interference with free speech.

While Anti-fa is properly attacked as an organized terrorist group, funded by the infamous America hating George Soros, is the proper way to deal with them to just let them have their way?  This is what has been done.  Now the call is to use force against force to stop them.  Even Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein realize the ghoul of their own creation will eventually come around to eat them.

What should have been done is to follow the rule of law.  There are laws against assault and battery.  Unlike the Left, I don’t apply the law to only those I like.  If the KKK or the American Nazis are peacefully protesting, they should be protected as this is their guaranteed constitutional right.  If Ann Coulter wants to speak, don’t let a violent hate group rob others of the right to hear her.  If you want to “counter” protest, then do it peacefully.  You have the right to make your point, not force it onto others.

Rather than having two disparate groups ranting and raving at each other across ephemeral imaginary lines, how about simplifying matters to a debate?  Rather than Ann speaking in a conservative vacuum, or Elizabeth Warren cackling her nonsense, why don’t we set up both sides like G. Gordon Liddy and the now deceased Timothy Leary did?

The obvious solution when not blinded by anger or madness/mental derangement is that we need a bigger pie instead of same or smaller pie – remove regulation and taxes.  The primary cause of anger is not having what the other guy does.  The problem I see here is it is far easier to blame the “white guy” for your financial inabilities than to realize you are just too damn lazy to get off your butt and earn it yourself.

I do understand that those who have want to protect what they have.  They don’t want competition because they fear loss.  So they make up rules to stay in power.  Now you know why I hate government in many respects.  Bad old boys or good old boys, just get the hell out of the way and let others succeed.  Society benefits when choices are numerous.

I have one final question for you.  If all the whites were destroyed or enslaved, would life be better for you?  How exactly does the diminishment of others, their ideas, their advancements, make your existence more valuable?

I am not proud to be white.  I could care less.  Black pride, gay pride, pride for any nonsense reason is just nonsense.  I am not ashamed of who I am or what I am.  I am not defined by my color, ethnic heritage, or religion.

I am defined by my actions, my words, and putting my beliefs into play.  Anything else is a mockery of being a man …

One thought on “Just Being White Somehow Isn’t Racism”
  1. Racism has been over for decades. Heck, at one job, we decided the risk of being sued for racial discrimination was so high that we just did not hire minorities. However, where I work now, I feel like I am worked to the boiling point just because I am a cob of corn. People are always like.. “lend me your ear” and stuff like that, it is insult after insult that cut through me like a hot knife through butter and it is insulting. Shoot, human minorities have it easy compared to Indian corn. Now that the human race has so neatly come together to end racism and solve all of the inequities that slavery, segregation, and the breeding and propagation of people have caused, it is time for us kernel ed folk to follow along in in the spirit that humans have so wonderfully fostered. We did the moon, killed off the commies and socialist and ended racism! If we just get rid of the liberals, we won’t even have races to be racist against.

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