Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024
I was at the July 18th council meeting when Jesse Salisbury told Mayor Slert that he, not Kelly Schellong, should run the meetings. In response, because, you know, she always has a response, Kelly said, she was just giving her opinion. That’s why she was elected, to give her opinion.
Newsflash to Schellong: you were elected to REPRESENT the will and need of the residents of Crescent City, NOT to give your opinion. I guess this clears up why Schellong has been such an ineffectual leader. In her constant quest to give her opinion she’s made her councilship all about her, not the needs of the People.
Her actions with the BID issue speak to this loud and clear. Her "opinion" that the district should continue trumped the reality that the business owners did not want it. Her reaction to the fluoridation issue is another example. Her "opinion" was used instead of the required critical evaluation of actual evidence.
Not to focus solely on Schellong, Slert is equally egotistical in thinking his opinions are the basis on which we should put our full faith. Note to Slert: no one elected you for your opinion either. Your threat to boycott the downtown businesses over BID is some of the shallowest and thin-skinned pettiness I’ve heard from an elected official.
Which makes me wonder: what is it about BID that has Schellong and Slert so maniacal? Why do they insist that it continue when the businesses do not feel a benefit from it? What is the advantage to either Slert or Schellong in the continuation of BID? People don’t usually defend something as staunchly unless they have some kind investment or loss involved. In my opinion there must be something more to this than meets the eye. But then, that’s just my "opinion."

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