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By Bob Berkowitz – July 2, 2018 –

Somethings are so unbelievable that you swear that you must be living in the twilight zone,  Well it wasn’t Rod Serling who came to my door, but an elderly woman with a clipboard in her hand.

She asked if I was a registered voter, to which I replied yes.  At that point she said, “I’m here to ask you to sign the form to recall Bob Berkowitz.”  Well obviously she did not know who I was, so I thought I would play along.

I asked, “why should I sign the recall?”  Well she said, “because he is a bigot and racist.”  Really!, I said, “So how do you know that?  “It’s right here on this clip board.”  she said.

When I asked to see the clip board, she was right, it was right there in black an white.  It said, “Tell the people that Berkowitz is a bigot and a racist.”

Well, I said, “if it’s there in print I guess it must be so. Does the recall have any other problem with Berkowitz?” She replied,  “Yes, he is a homophobe, sexist and facist.”  “Is that also on the clip board too I asked.”  “Yes it’s right here”, showing me the clip board again.  Sure enough it says those three words in the same sequence.

“Is there anything else you were instructed to tell the registered voters?” I asked.  Well, she said, “If I encounter a Republican, I’m to say that Berkowitz is against Trump and if I call on a Democrat, I’m to say he is a Trump supporter.”

As I looked again at the clip board, I did not see any signatures on the form.  I asked how come there were no signatures.  She replied that I was the first one she called on.  “Are you being paid to do this?” I asked.  “Yes $5 a signature.” she said.  “It looks like you are being under paid for all the hard work you are doing”, I said.

At that point I wished her good luck and sent her on her way.

We all know that when others don’t have an argument, they will always resort to name calling and making wild accusations. Throwing out the race card and all of the other cards work for some people. Unfortunately, this is all they have for this recall.  Most voters have more common sense than to fall for this old tactic.  If someone with a clip board calls on you, I hope you will give them the courtesy of listening to them, but if all they can do is throw the old tried and true cards at you without any facts to back it up, I hope you will just say no,

14 thoughts on “JUST SAY NO”
  1. You are right about only one thing here. Unbelievable!!! Is this seriously considered an “article”? No wonder there aren’t many readers of this “paper”!!

  2. Jesse Davis is paying 5.00 per signature for toothless retards strung out on whatever to get signatures for a recall? Geez that’s sounds successful to me. I hope those kind of people are unsuccessful in their endeavors. Another episode of The Twlight Zone.

    1. Really?!?!? “Toothless Retard” is what you’re going with… And people wonder why so many are running from the Berkowitz camp and signing the recall effort. His base is ridiculous when it comes to the I insults it hurls with no regard for impact on persons labeled in our community. Take some time and volunteer or work in the DD/ID field and see if you would still be so inclined to say that.


  3. We need another good source for news and info. I suggest this entity tackle that role and stop giving creative freedom in print to our elected leaders.

  4. Well articulated, Supervisor. Baseless name calling does NOT work. Those who continue to wallow in this swamp and practice this style of rhetoric are doomed to the lowest rung of the credibility ladder.

    1. LOLOL This article is written by Berkowitz, who is one of those being recalled. Who believes this self-serving editorial that is devoid of any substantiated facts. If you do I have a bridge to sell you.

      1. Hi Joy,

        Many, many moons ago when I was a child attending a Sunday school, I learned that to achieve Joy in one’s life one must first serve Jesus, then Others and then finally Yourself. Doesn’t sounds like you are living up to your name.

        I wish you all the best.

          1. Surprise: Going to Sunday school as a child doesn’t make one a Christian. I’d also like to point out that everyone’s definition of “help” is different from each others. Just ask around and you’ll see what I mean. I warned Mr. Gitlin before at the beginning of his run for office early on how terrible the corruption was and how “they” might harm him. I was so happy to see someone with some experience from the outside running for office. Someone who wasn’t tainted with bad blood who couldn’t be blackmailed because he was clean of any kind of secret wrongdoings– unlike nearly everyone else who holds any position of trust and power over the people of Del Norte.

            Even while I was a nobody,Supr. Gitlin took time to talk with me because I was his constituant.. something other community leaders should have been doing, mind you. He even addressed an issue directly where microphone was being cut by a city leader, something I have seen myself to someone i personally knew. I don’t exactly see the other community “leaders” picking up trash or defending constituents basic rights to interact with local government. I respect those who spend actual time and energy DOING something in the community to make it a better place.

            As far as me helping? There is no helping Del Norte. I’ve volunteered at Red Cross during the Biscuit fire, offered up internet access to the people of Del Norte in the early 2000’s and even saved a couple lives. I volunteered for NCMMRC for a summer and done many other good deeds for the community. I get no credit for any of it and I really don’t care. But when people want to pick on Sup Gitlin or Sup Berkowitz, you better believe I will speak up and defend them from my own personal experience in their dealings with me, a nobody. These people care about their community and they don’t have a give-up attitude.

            Don’t get me started on all the wrongdoing their opponents have done to me, my family and my friends over half my life. I can start naming names and bring out the material they don’t want to have public, but i refrain because I believe KARMA will get them before it’s all over.

            I’ve done as much helping as I’ve can. I no longer live or work in Del Norte and i’m glad for that. Very sad, because it’s such a beautiful place, but cursed with ongoing corruption that’s lasted longer than my existence on this planet.

  5. As I felt compelled to do on a recent FB “discussion” page where the mud slinging was at a fever pitch when someone asked to refrain from “personal attacks” I said: ” has no one here heard of slander, libel and deformation of character? I don’t wish to weigh in on this conversation just wanted to educate/enlighten.” Infantile arguing as or with an adult can get you fined or, yes put in jail. Something to remember.

  6. The weedface punk that started this needs to find some better weed because the crap he’s smoking is obviously terrible. Bob is one of the good guys. This tactic isn’t just nasty, but it seems to be the very definition of defamation and libel.

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