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Opinion By Samuel Strait – February 17, 2022

I attended the most recent local Republican Central Committee meeting to
gauge how effective they were as a political group. I’d been told that
the group consisted of mostly RINO’s (Republican’s in Name Only) who did not stand for much of what
the Republican Party tells it’s adherents it stands for.  I came away
with the impression that there are a lot of insubstantial characters
that make up the Central Committee of the local Republicans and not a
whole lot of adherence to core principals of what it means to be a
Republican. In a few words, it was a lot like watching a group of people
standing on the railroad tracks, discussing whether or not to get off of
them before the next train sliced and diced them.

While the meeting itself ran more or less like a regular public meeting,
some of it consisted of listening to a short list of statewide
aspirants to public office, of which only one bothered to make an
appearance albeit remotely.  At that point the public was asked to make
their public comments.  We were instructed to make comments on any item
NOT ON THE AGENDA, and reserve those comments for items on the agenda
when the item came up.  Sounds good so far… 
The meeting proceeded
through the typical items found in all public meetings, opening
ceremony, minutes, Chairman’s report, committee reports, and
correspondence, pretty dry stuff. Continued business, I presume from
previous meetings, talked mostly about up coming events, training,
bemoaning the fact that the community didn’t seem interested in joining,
and the run up to the Spring Primary, mostly dates and forums designed
to get a take on candidates and issues.


The “New” business consisted of discussion of Measure “R” repeal and a
yearly dinner.  Measure R being the 1% sales tax increase for the County passed in 2020.

The Measure “R” discussion was delayed until after the
final item on the agenda, Other Business and the Republican Women’s next
meeting announcement.
  What was interesting about the Measure “R”
discussion was an attempt, mostly successful to limit the discussion to
the members of the Central Committee only. 

Remember the instruction by
Chair Karen Sanders during the opening “Public Comments” section of the
meeting.  All public comment on Measure “R” was to wait for the Agenda
item to make their public comments.  DIDN’T HAPPEN…..

The discussion by the Central Committee, revealed just how far many in
the local group has strayed from advertised “Republican” principals, if
they ever had them in the first place.  They clearly did not comprehend
why the sales tax hike in Measure”R” was being disputed.  I am not sure
exactly what it was about two previous meetings of the group being
presented with the reasons why Measure”R” should be repealed that they
didn’t understand. Another tax on an already taxed to the hilt
population? Disconnect?  Ignorance?  Lack of Knowledge that made the
issue understandable?  What was clear was a desire for Chris Howard to
present to the group ” his side” of the issue and arranged for that to
happen.  Having just listened to Chris Howard and Neal Lopez lie without
effort and repeatedly in an hour long meeting about Measure “R” with
representatives from the Crescent City Times last Thursday about the County’s
intentions with the Measure “R” funds, I am not sure that would be of
benefit to the group.  Then again I suspect there is not much of an up
side with the local Republican Central Committee and many of the attendees.

For all the fanfare, as one participant noted, the meeting was
excruciating and equivalent to watching paint dry.  No wonder so many
people have abandoned the major political parties.   It would be nice to
count on a political party which stands for no taxes and limited
government to actually adhere to its principals rather than dithering
around making excuses for government and their insatiable need for MORE

Are you listening Republican Central Committee? 

If “public safety” was already the “priority” of the local government why is it
incessantly necessary to constantly lobby for “MORE MONEY?” 
Particularly when “MORE MONEY” means only that the next time government
is feeling the pinch, the “go to argument” for MORE MONEY is that it is
necessary to provide appropriate levels of police, firemen, and
emergency services. The problem is, that grift never seems to be
satisfied…..And services do not improve when more money is approved. 
Will wonders never cease.  The forty five minutes to respond to my house
hasn’t changed in nearly fifty years, but the Sheriff’s Office has grown
significantly.  Outlying areas remain under served.  How has anything
really changed during that length of time other than the size of the
budgets of police, fire districts, and emergency services?  When will
the local Republicans realize government can’t be Del Norte County’s
only economy?

9 thoughts on “Just What Does The Local Republican Central Committee Stand For?”
  1. Mr Samuel Strait yes you’re right, I have heard people complain about the cost of every thing gas, food, and so on yet I know these same people never change their vote all we can do is hope people will wake up including the Republican Rhinos.

  2. Accurate, Sam. Karen Sanders is the bad seed. She has put her fingers in every pie, posing like a true Conservative, only to prove she is nothing but a Democrat in Republican clothing – AKA: RINO. Her pigheaded involvment in virtually every important committee pertaining to the Republican party, or committtees, that self-serve her salacious appetite for power and recognition, is crippling this community in allowing Constitutional Conservatives to break through this corrupt barrier that continues to enable the Radical Left. Her manipulative, Left-Wing maneuvers to thwart or derail efforts in pushing the Measure R Repeal to succeed, is a detrimental blow to her inflated “do-gooder”character. Her imposter involvement is like a cancer that has so deeply metastasized into our governmental innerworkings, no matter where you go… there she is… Karen Sanders needs to be extracted from the mainstream. Sadly, this town is still in love with past images, high school memories and the IDEA of a person… Even when their Behavior and Choices supercedes their sensationalized persona.

  3. Sam, I’m sorry the meeting did not meet your expectations. It is easy to find fault when you’re on the sidelines, looking in. Let’s remember that these committee members are not paid. They have families, jobs, responsibilities. They do not have to be there, taking your barbs. If you think you’re better qualified, you should show up and help out. They could use you.
    This “RINO” name-calling is a bunch of BS. These folks are good Republicans and they have conservative principles at heart. Who exactly gets the “RINO” label in your book? Is Supervisor Gitlin a RINO because he supports a tax-increase for the Fair? I think not. It is a simple disagreement.
    Your reporting on issues affecting the county is generally good but the bashing of good people, working without fanfare to promote most of your views, does not make sense.
    Go after the Democrats.

    1. I genuinely wish it was as easy as you seem to believe it is. I understand when you say that you think because they are “trying” to be “good” Republicans, that you think this is genuinely the case. The fact that I don’t share your viewpoint, shouldn’t cause you any angst, but merely to stop and examine my opinions to see if there is any reason to believe there just might be a kernel of truth in my observations. I have lived in this community for nearly a half century and have yet to experience much that does not call on me to pause and reflect on the opinions I have when confronted with those I disagree with. I can be persuaded to change those opinions and accept a new viewpoint if articulated in a manner that is convincing. I have watched and listened to those on the Republican Central Committee for a good while now and for the most part, cannot say that I am thrilled by their “Conservative Values” as you refer to them.

      As to the reference to “Rhinos”, it is not something that I generally like to use. I am much more likely to call it what it is, and it really has no comparison to “Conservative Values” in the context of my opinion. I trust you will admit that upon reflection there could be a nugget of truth in my opinions? As you note, the Democrats in my articles, commentary and opinion receive very little praise for their activities, but as a contributor to the CCTimes I call it as I see it. The Central Committee’s plainly obvious attempt to distance themselves from the effort to repeal Measure “R” was duly noted. The fact that so many on that committee are invested in retaining the Measure was also noted. That most certainly does not bolster your case for calling them “Good Republicans”.

      I would be delighted to hear your reasoning for why there is any question that Measures “R”, “S”, and the parcel tax for CFPD should not be repealed and that the local Republican Central Committee shouldn’t be 100% on board with the effort. That in my opinion would be a good start, if the claim to “Republican” values is to have any credibility. As far as my “barbs”, some times it takes a little push to get people to at least think about how they act and just maybe change the way that they look at things. Perhaps you may wish to have a conversation for a start about my opinion here? I am neither a Republican, nor a Democrat, hence it would be difficult for me to “join” your exclusive club. I am also retired and could “sit on the sidelines” and not care about the County or it residents. That is also an option. I guess if you want me to contribute, it will have to be with my words. Take note, I never insist that any one take heed of those words that I write, but I do listen very carefully to the words spoken in return.

    2. Characteristics flaws of Karen Sanders doesn’t mean the rest of the Republicans under her regime are like her because they are not. Sanders is a dysfunctional embarrassment with a black soul who prides herself on the Elite club she attends. Oops. Nobody knows about that KAREN.

      1. It should be such a simple matter to vote her out, if that were the case. So why hasn’t that happened if it “doesn’t mean the rest of the Republicans under her regime are like her because they are not.” I guess there must be enough “like her” because she has been there for quite awhile and I didn’t get the impression there was an imminent change coming. Like I said in the article, it would be nice if the local Republican Central Committee was truly committed to Republican principals which wasn’t the impression they project. More along the lines of bigger government and more spending than what Republicans are suppose to stand for.

        1. Not sure what’s going on here but the Republican Party stands for Less taxes less government equal rights for human beings not like the Obama 8 years who advertised sign up for unemployment sign up for disability sign up for food stamps yeah did you forget all that crap 8 years of what now you slide Trump in there the economy was doing well the Keystone Pipeline and we had good relationships now look what’s happening Mr stutterbox is doing a fine job why don’t you go look at the gas prices at Joe’s Chevron north of town why don’t you look at the food prices why don’t you look at the unemployment prices at least Trump got a vaccination in a year and a half or so or whatever it was so you could post crap on Crescent City Times love you man hang in there life is going to get worse ,you need to change sides dude I did

          1. Glad to see at least some signs that someone in the local Republican party understands what the party is suppose to stand for, it just doesn’t appear that your local leadership is on board with you. As far as the “other” side, I don’t think me lobbying for the local Republican Central Committee to support/endorse the repeal of the County’s 1% sales tax qualifies me as part of the “other” side. Perhaps if you read some more of the Times you would have a better perspective of where I fall politically. I would also suggest that you invest some time examining whether or not the local Republicans, including those that occupy positions in local government, are when it comes to smaller government and less taxation. You may be in for a bit of a shock….

      2. If they’re not like her, then why do they continue to allow her to be Chair? They have the power to VOTE HER OUT…but they don’t. Inaction and silence enables the status quo to carry on. If they are not cut from the same RINO cloth that she has undoubtedly proven, then where is their Courage..Conscience and Character?

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