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By Linda Sutter – March 9, 2022

The Del Norte Board of Supervisors voted to delay the repeal of sales tax until November 2022. Their reason to delay was for them to conduct a study which takes 30 days. This denial is a slap to the voters whose signatures of nearly 900 which was double the amount needed to place it on June’s ballot.

Norma Williams, Union Representative spoke on behalf of all workers associated with pay raises. Tonya Pearcy stated she googled the Sales tax in Sacramento and found it was 8.75%. However this actual receipt from Roseville which is the higher end of Sacramento tells a different story. It shows 7.75% while Del Norte County is currently 8.5%.

Then there were the “feel sorry stories” on how deputies can’t make it on $102,000 per year including benefits. Lieutenant Schneck made over $222,000 in 2020 more than Sheriff Waltz at $185,000 all recorded on California Transparency.

Sergeants and Lieutenants making $130,000-170,000 includes benefits. The argument was the reason why we have incompetent deputies is because we don’t pay them enough. In my opinion the reason why we have incompetent deputies is because of the lack of professional leadership.

With gasoline prices approaching $6.00 per gallon and possibly up to $8.00 per gallon by Memorial weekend will result in goods and food to inflate immeasurably.

Prolonging the vote until November will invariably seal the coffin shut because by November people will be hungry, crimes will rise, and so will death.

In the meantime why are our supervisors still wasting valuable time on a 50 year Tri-Agency? Because they want taxpayers to pay the USDA debt of $287,000 created by failed businesses who defaulted on their loans.

4 thoughts on “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied”
  1. Correction needed in this article the receipt pictured came from antelope which is Sacramento county. Sales tax in Sacramento city limits is 8.75% while Sacramento county is 7.75%.
    Regardless the point of the matter is the county is spending this generated tax like there is no tomorrow. The county has a pension liability of $57 million dollars and has no one financing it to date. The county decided to use this sales tax increase to open up high end jobs increasing their pension liability instead of living within their means. When Sheriff Lieutenants make nearly a quarter of a million dollars which includes their benefits I don’t feel empathy towards them. Does anyone know what happens when you don’t have the money to pay for their pensions? You don’t get one. These administrators making in access of $150,000 per year requires a big chunk of change when you retire out. People are simply too greedy.

  2. Lieutenant Schneck from sheriff office made $222,000 in 2020. If you go to transparent California you will see the astronomical wages being made. Karen Sanders wanted to point out, “Well that is overtime caused by lack of 5 employees.” So how many Lieutenants do we need in DNSO? Deputies at base pay made $105,000 which includes PERS and medical, deputies with more years $143,000 plus. The Local GOP heard Frank’s Refrigeration and Heating tell how this increase in sales tax effects his business. Unfortunately it fell on deaf ears which is a shame. The problem with Del Norte County and the lack of tax revenue is county leaders don’t know how to advertise for businesses to come here. With the increase in violence in major cities coming to Del Norte is pristine place to move away from the city to a quiet town but the elected officials don’t want to talk about that. Del Norte County is strapped with tax exempt properties, empty buildings, and wants to place it on the backs of the taxpayers. It is up to the voters to stop this unnecessary tax regardless the outcome of the impact report. When the people stand United we can succeed. The Board of Supervisors sent a big message on Tuesday. The message is “we don’t care about you and will delay you despite what you want.” The BOS knew this tax would be repealed they are intentionally delaying the process. We will have our say in November. Let’s tell them to go pound sand!!!! In closing keep your eyes out. I remember seeing Blake Inscore in Grocery Outlet in Brookings. But they want to tax us. Why?

  3. There is a lot of BS going around, I don’t feel sorry for any one that can’t live on $100,000. or more In Del Norte, what about small business some folks are lucky to make $15,000. per year I know I was there so let me get this straight they want to raise taxes on business, this will hurt small business, lets vote to reduce their wages how does that sound?.

  4. I attended the meeting. All I heard was “Pay Raises.” Williams implied government workers were serving the public, very noble. My wife asked me if I was a Correctional Officer to “serve the Public.” I told her it was more to get a paycheck every two weeks. Get out the Kleenex, we’re going to be told after the study how crime will rise, government workers will starve, and the county is broke. They said they already spent the money and it was more than projected. Of course it was spent on pay raises and it sounds like for everyone. And they say they can afford to hire more e.g., an Engineer. That sounds like a high paying job and what does that entail; seems we have been doing fine without one. So we petitioned to place this on the ballot in June and the “foxes guarding the henhouse” want to study it and delay it because the study would cut it close to June?? Apparently a week to file is adequate time for a new 5th District candidate to file. I’m sure they knew this was coming, as they stated, and I bet they have a candidate waiting. Surely they don’t want a Democratic Governor to appoint someone,. That would be the ONE person, and they feel we should have the opportunity to elect a replacement, again how noble.
    It’s not so much the damn extra penny on the sales tax, but it infuriates me with all the lying.
    I read there are 70 employees here making over $100,000. In Del Norte County: that amazes me.
    Unfortunately the public will only hear the BS sob stories and threats!

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