Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

Credit to Robyn Chambers – July 8, 2022

We recently aired a broadcast that I thought you might like. It will send tingles down your spine and joy to your heart.

It’s the story of Kathi, a former abortionist who ended the lives of hundreds of preborn babies before coming to the realization that she was taking the life of an innocent baby. Her realization came when someone compared abortion to the dehumanization of the Jews in concentration camps during World War II.

Kathi found God’s forgiveness and has made a complete reversal — from abortionist to pro-life advocate.

Here is the link where you can watch this heart-grabbing broadcast: 

Praise God for His redemptive love! He is able to change hearts and minds about abortion, and that’s exactly why we continue to advocate for the voiceless and proclaim His gospel. No one is beyond His reach!

Robyn Chambers is Executive Director — Advocacy for Children – Focus on the Family

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