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By Donna Westfall – August 7, 2021

Today, I emailed the following letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein, Senator Alex Padilla and Congressman Jared Huffman about access to homeopathic medicines. Please consider doing the same.

Dear Elected Official;

I’m writing to ask you to co-sign a letter supported by a bipartisan group of House and Senate members that concerns the FDA’s draft guidance on homeopathic drug products. The guidance has resulted in the unintended consequence of reducing access to homeopathic medicines which provide individuals with safe and effective options for pain relief and other health care needs. This situation has also affected the livelihood of homeopathic producers and their employees as well as investment in U.S. manufacturing jobs. The letter asks the FDA for clarification on how the agency plans to continue to utilize and adhere to the framework established by Congress to guide the FDA in protecting consumers while ensuring access to products that meet homeopathic standards for strength, quality, and purity.

If you wish to sign the letter, you may do so through Quill at the following address:

You may also request a copy of the letter by emailing The reply you receive will include instructions on how to communicate your support via email to the appropriate Congressional office.

As a member of Congress your oversight of the FDA is crucial to its success. I appreciate your attention to this issue and ask that you co-sign the letter to the FDA to ensure continued access to genuine homeopathic medicines.

With kind regards,

Donna Westfall

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