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By Donna Westfall – May 28, 2020

Apparently freedom of speech is on the outs with Paul Critz, owner of KFUG-FM radio station.  When Samuel Strait was talking about opening up the economy in Del Norte in contrast to the owners position, Sam was dismissed.  This position held by Sam is an unpaid position.

KFUG is a 100 watt community radio station licensed by the FCC. Some believe that Paul Critz has and continues to use KFUG radio station as his own personal propaganda tool.  According to the terms of the KFUG license, the station must offer diverse and balanced views; he has failed to do this.

A complaint was filed with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on May 27, 2020 ticket # 3996149.  Further they said, “… complaint provides valuable information to spot trends and practices that warrant investigation and enforcement action. We do not resolve individual complaints about this issue and, there will be no status information to report on your complaint.

If the FCC needs more information about your complaint, we will contact you directly.

Each year, the Enforcement Bureau takes hundreds of actions on behalf of consumers that result in tens of millions of dollars in penalties. These actions encourage companies and individuals to abide by the law and reduce future misconduct.

The information you provided us will continue to be available internally within the FCC to inform the Commission’s enforcement and policymaking processes.

Thank you for your help in furthering the FCC’s mission on behalf of consumers.”

It will become increasinly more difficult to maintain a free society when only one side of any issue is heard.

9 thoughts on “KFUG-FM Radio station dismisses conservative radio personality”
  1. For what it is worth, Lisa Coston Critz acts like a racist who posts on social media calling people “honkeys” and “whiteys.” She and her spouse are perfect examples of the Dunning-Kruger Effect and intolerant hatred in action. Educated and intelligent people do not act like they do, nor does their small-minded behavior contribute to society in any productive manner.

  2. To Roger Gitlin: How many times has Paul had you on KFUG, Roger? Every time there is an election, Paul has EVERY candidate that wants to participate on the radio to be interviewed. You KNOW this. Did you mention that in your complaint, or did you simply focus on Sam’s not being asked back? Never mind. I saw the complaint, and you did not mention this. Even though the Fairness Doctrine was eliminated years ago, Paul still had all of the candidates on. This isn’t cool, Roger.

  3. Community radio requirements differ greatly throughout the world, and I suspect Donna Westfall maybe skimmed Wikipedia rather than do proper research. There are no FCC requirements for content, and there is a big difference between allowing diverse content and encouraging the spread of misinformation and non-science-based, non-factual conspiracy theories. I seem to remember when Sam claimed that the Pacific Garbage Patch was a “media invention,” despite people from our community having personally seen it, and that is but one example. I’m done wasting time with this.

  4. Coincidentally i was about to gift the non-profit small community station the premium domain name and release the mobile radio streaming app, streaming relay services and a new website built for radio stations. These things are worth collectively many tens of thousands of dollars that could otherwise be invested elsewhere.

    I only support organizations that support free speech. I’m so happy i saw this article in time. Thank you for publishing this article.

  5. Sam Strait is a- deep state conspiracy nut case. Covid 19 is a hoax and the evil solcialists are to blame.i cant stand his ass kissing of Trump.
    You fools want to re-open with little restrictions go ahead! Funny you can’t go inside the shell station without a mask. Maybe your ilk should go protest! many people have seen his firing as
    Somehow illegal? This is up to KFUG. Maybe trump will sign an executive order to silence the station and social media just like he did today! And thats free speech?

  6. The KFUG FCC license to operate should be reviewed. Supression of free speech is a serious matter. KFUG is not the personal bullhorn for Paul Critz.

    1. Roger that, Roger. I hear you loud and clear. Free speech is a very serious matter. Thank you again for supporting our First Amendment years ago in a local matter. I remember it like it was yesterday. You are a voice of the people. Thank you.

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