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By Kevin Kiley – August 31, 2023

The court has ruled: Gavin Newsom and his enablers will go on trial for the catastrophic harm they caused our students during the COVID school shutdown.

In a case brought by California students, the court denied the state’s motion for summary judgment and set the trial for November 13. The judge, a Jerry Brown appointee, advanced the students’ claims that they were denied “basic educational equality.”

Counsel for the students can arm themselves with this clip from a recent school closures hearing on Capitol Hill. I had the chance to detail Newsom’s heinous record, and the expert witness agreed he did more harm than anyone in America.

Meanwhile at the State Capitol, tomorrow the Supermajority is hoping to quietly kill legislation to make child sex trafficking a serious felony. They already voted down the bill once and only revived it when we spoke out.

The bill’s fate will simply be announced, along with 100 others, without a vote. The whole process is designed to avoid accountability; it’s how my own bill to increase penalties for human trafficking was killed a few years ago. You can contact the committee members here.

As to Biden, during his stay at Tom Steyer’s Tahoe mansion he didn’t accept my invitation to visit Grizzly Flats. But his shameful broken promise to the hundreds of wildfire victims there is now generating national news; we are not letting up the pressure.

We’ve forced Biden to reverse course before, when he signed legislation I co-sponsored to end the national COVID emergency after initially pledging a veto. This is now proving a crucial win – a vital defense against the return to mandate insanity some are trying to foist on us.

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