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By Linda Sutter – May 24, 2017 –

In the 15th Century King Henry the VIII would commonly chop off your head, or hang you till nearly dead, then chop off your head, then drawn and quartered you to disperse where ever they saw fit. Today, Chairman Chris Howard of the Board of Supervisors, can’t chop off your head but he can cut your microphone so no one hears what you have to say.

King Howard, also likes to demonstrate his power by telling people to leave a chamber mixer because “no one likes you.” Now King Howard utilizes his power in public forum to decide who gets to speak, who does not get to speak and he is very discriminating about it. Case in point, a few weeks ago after King Howard put off board reports to the end of a meeting, Samuel Strait asked if he could make a public comment. King Howard said, “no.” Luckily for Strait, King Howard can’t chop off his head for asking but he did chop off the microphone.  Yesterday, during a presentation by the Yurok T,ribe a woman asked if she could make a public comment. King Howard told her, “Public Comment is closed, but you may approach,” and the woman was allowed to speak.

During the Board members reports, Sup Bob Berkowitz requested the “No net loss policy review” be placed on the agenda, and King Howard would not have any part of it. King Howard’s sidekick do-nothing Humpty Dumpty Hemmingsen backed his play.  Sup Berkowitz doesn’t make a fuss about this very important issue, but it demonstrates King Howard’s inability to try to get along with other board members other than Lori Cowan and Humpty Dumpty.

And speaking of Lori Cowan, She literally attacked and accused Roger Gitlin of “spearheading” her recall. It was a direct attack on her colleague, which is in violation of their own rules of ethical conduct. I would dare suggest she must be King Howard’s Modern day Mistress( not in the sexual sense but in the she can get away with anything sense) because King Howard did not reprimand her behavior nor did the County Counsel, Elizabeth Cable.

For the record Sup. Cowan, Roger Gitlin isn’t spearheading anything but his district. Certainly Sup Cowan knows who is spearheading the RECALL because my name as well as Donna Westfall’s name are on the approved paperwork.  But since accusations are being made, is it true Sup Lori Cowan that you are retaliating against people who signed the Notice of Intent to Circulate a Recall against you to have you recalled by sending the Code Enforcement Officer after them?

KING HOWARD, the modern day king who is out of line, out of touch, and continues to violate every law, policy, and procedure because you guessed it…he’s the KING. Maybe it is time to recall two more members on this BOS. Chris Howard, and Gerry Hemmingsen. May as well get er done and start a new chapter in Del Norte County.

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  1. let’s not forget King Howards attempt to obstruct the justice of legal process serving Sup Lori Cowan her notice of intent to circulate recall petition. Long Live King Howard, however short lived his political career.

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