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By Angry Old American

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Koyaanisqatsi is a Hopi word defined as a life of moral corruption and turmoil, a world out of balance; a world gone insane.

It seems that the human race has been racing
toward chaos since our earliest beginnings. The
history of all our civilizations are punctuated by
failure. According to recorded history supported
by archeological evidence, our most recent
digital age of the Electromonkey was preceded
by the ages of industry, steel, iron, bronze and
copper. Oral traditions speak of even earlier
Antediluvian ages of silver and gold, which
trace human roots to the Cretaceous Ice Age and
prior; and the civilizations of Atlantis, Lemuria,
Mu and Hyborea. The common denominator of
all failed civilizations is that they vanish without
a trace; with the exception of a faint whisper of

We are in the midst of yet another collapse. The
human race has once again gone insane. Lao
Tsu, the legendary Chinese progenitor of Taoism
once wrote of mankind racing their chariots
beyond rein. In modern parlance this is hopping
into a car with the pedal to the metal without
hands on the steering wheel.

There is a fatal flaw in our typical “Normal”
human minds. As is the case of other herd
animals, humans not only perceive safety in
numbers; but also believe that this normal
behavior of the larger group equates to sane and
rational behavior. As long as we conform to this
norm, then we will be safe from the predations
that challenge our survival. Yet, what happens
when an entire society, culture or civilization
goes bat-shit crazy insane?

We are now inextricably marching into World
War III. This war will most likely develop into a
thermonuclear war; with sabotage, cyber attacks,
EMP electrical grid attacks and economic
warfare thrown into the mix. Add a bit of
contrived anarchy, and suicidal destruction of

energy and agricultural systems; and we have
the blueprint for yet another failed civilization.

According to the playwright Jerome Lawrence,
“A neurotic is a man who builds a castle in the
air. A psychotic is the man who lives in it. A
psychiatrist is the man who collects the rent.”

Recently we released the inmates of our mental
hospitals and prisons onto our streets. The rest of
our society have been tranquilized by television
and social media programming, or
antidepressant medications, in order to accept
the resulting chaos to be normal. What will
happen when our electrical grids go down and
psychotropic drugs manufactured by our
enemies disappear from the supply lines? If you
think the world is crazy now, you haven’t seen
anything yet.

Makes me wonder what the remnants of our
species will make of all the cellular phones and
flat-screen TVs when they are uncovered from
the dust of time. Perhaps they will be fashioned
into tools and arrowheads. TV screens might be
used for kneading bread. Maybe the jumbo ones

will serve as altars for human sacrifices. Can’t
expect much; after all we are only human.

2 thoughts on “Koyaanisqatsi”
  1. Released in 1983, Koyaanisqatsi is an amazing film to watch even today. No dialogue, just images accompanied by music composed by Philip Glass. The ending is quite profound as it incorporates the Hopi prophesy of a burning object falling from the sky represented by a failed launch of a satellite.

    1. The Hopi Blue Star Kachina pictured is the embodiment of the rebirth that is to occur after the end of world prophesy is fulfilled. According to Hopi prophesy, once again, after our populations are reduced and we enter a period of cultural and technological amnesia, the human race will be reduced to a stone-age of hunter-gatherers. This process has been repeated countless times since before the Cretaceous period of the great ice ages.

      According to the textbook “The Natural History of California” published by University of California Press, millions of years ago Del Norte and the Siskiyou Mountains were once attached to the Northern portion of the Sierra Nevada range. Tectonic movement tore our homeland away from the North American Continent to form an island, which subsequently rejoined the mainland after Cascadian volcanoes formed the Modoc Plateau and the Coastal Range rose from the Pacific. The glaciers of the Ice Age never migrated down to the Siskiyous, and our Coastal Redwoods, along with many other prehistoric species survived from the Jurassic Period to this day. What Ice Age human settlements that lay buried from that distant past are no doubt submerged under ocean at the ancient coastline that existed before the ice melt of the “Great Floods” caused the oceans to rise. Even here is remote Del Norte County, we are a people with amnesia. We know only the minute fraction of history available during this slender sliver of our allotted time.

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