Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

krispy kreme

Credit to IndyStar

Who doesn’t love a good donut once in a while. Nothing like the heavenly smell of freshly baked Krispy Kreme’s. They recently created the Krispy Kreme Klub using the initials (KKK), not realizing that stood for Klu Klux Klan and that, my friends, is called a faux pas….pronounced fo pa which stands for an embarrassing or tactless act usually in a social situation.

How could this occur?  It actually occurred in the United Kingdom.  One store in Britain wanted to attract more kids into their store during school break, so they created KKK Wednesday. The store that created the event, which was meant to allow customers to come into the store to decorate doughnuts, is located in Hull, England.

Apologies were made as soon as customers saw the posting on the Facebook site and brought it to the company’s attention. The double meaning of the KKK was never intended to be associated with the infamous white supremacist hate group.



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