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By Donna Westfall – August 31, 2016 –

jigsaw puzzleJigsaw Puzzles. If you’re an affectionado of the hobby, there’s a product Manufactured in the USA that is superior to most others…and not sold at WalMart.  Actually, the SunsOut website has on it’s main page, “Never sold in WalMart.”

Whether you’re recuperating from some illness or a tooth extraction or just playing, doing a jigsaw puzzle helps pass the time.

I found and purchased one of their puzzles for $1 at Maybe This Thrift Store on Lake Earl in Crescent City.

If you’re always looking for great jigsaw puzzles, SunsOut, Inc., offers puzzles from 48 up to 2,000 pieces in over 70 different sizes and shapes.

You can check out their catalog at







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