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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – September 4, 2021

In a last gasp effort to capture the spirit of a fast fading summer
vacation, millions of people celebrate the gatekeeper holiday, Labor
Day, before the all too soon crisp cool days of Autumn send us towards
another even cooler winter.  It is normally a time for that last
barbecue, camping trip, or even a quick escape to the cooling
temperatures of a local ocean shore side community with family, friends,
and even sometimes your neighbors.  It is a time for small town
community events to roll out for the entertainment of visitors in
communities at a time when a much needed rest from jobs, and the cares
of the world are available for the taking

Halt, Stop, Wait a minute!  Here in Crescent City, and Del Norte County,
the brakes have been put on all such frivolity by the local Covid
Mafia.  No such events allowed unless you are vaccinated thrice, wear
three masks, and dress up like you are going to rob a local convenience
store for its supply of “Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso”.   Oh, and don’t
forget to socially distance while waving a virtue signaling finger at
the cowering masked clerk behind his protective shield of plexiglass as
you make a fast exit in the self driving mode of your brand new Tesla.

Never fear, it has been announced that the Crescent City Pool will
remain open to service all disappointed Covid cowerers, and you may shop
till you drop at any major big box store, space available.  You may be
required to wear a large cow bell to announce your presence to any
others who share your aisle space, but hey, Chinese Communist developed
ankle trackers are but a moment in time away.  Of course you may not
find Ivermectin loaded on shelves in the Pharmacy section, can’t
possibly cut into Pfizer’s bottom line, but Dr. Faucci’s latest video on
the efficacy of vaccines should be readily available.  It should give
great comfort to those that still believe “safety from Covid is just
around the corner”.  Maybe the jail cell image for those that are only
vaccinated twice is a bit over the top, but when the third jab is on the
cusp of mass distribution, Dr. Aaron Stutz would be proud of his forward

Shame on those that continue to float the edicts of Public Health to
shop in the dead of night loading up on the staples of “building a
better barbecue”.  Heaven forbid anyone should actually have a relaxing,
fun filled holiday from the cares of the world in your back yard around
the picnic table with a beer drinking maskless mob of friends and
relatives.  Pray tell what could you be thinking?  After all, there
might never be another holiday, ever.  Oh wait, they are already being
cancelled as we speak.  After all drum circles, the kite festival, and
the car rally are but signs of the unwashed “just having fun”, no need
for that to happen.

Maybe, just maybe, an email to CEO Hanna at what passes for a hospital
will halt the virus in its tracks.  He seems to have a better Doomsday
Tracker than the local Public Health Department and “Dr. Aaron Stutz”. 
He can tell in advance when a patient in his “Facility” will die from
the virus.  Must be of great comfort to the Bean Counters at company
headquarters.  All that hysteria driven fear mongering will have his
beds of prospective candidates lined up to become his latest statistic.

Just think, less than a week of indoctrination at public schools, it is
reported that 300 students are already on “holiday” from the rigors of
in class education.  Unfortunately for them the cell doors closed before
having the opportunity for some barbecue fun. But wait, maybe you were
fortunate enough to have gotten a jab or two and a window will be
provided for you in your cell.  Nah, forget that, you probably haven’t
had a third jab, brick up that window!  Call the cops, an illegal
gathering is sighted.  Arrest those miscreants and throw away the key! 
The thought police will kill us all before the virus even has had its

And Happy Labor Day to all illegal gatherings and don’t forget to catch
Jim Thompson’s “Dear Diary:  Musings of a Leftist Soccer Mom”, it will
put a smile on your face.

One thought on “Labor Day, A Holiday, Really?”
  1. Yes, have a burger and a beer. Unwind and forget about your troubles. I am sure they will sort themselves out while you all continue to sit on your hands.

    Meanwhile in France:

    Meanwhile in England:

    Meanwhile in Australia:

    Americans should be ashamed for their acquiesence and their eagerness to sacrifice freedom on the altar of fear.

    The time to fight is now. Take your balls back. Take your pride and self respect back. Take your country back.

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