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Opinion and Commentary by Donna Westfall – October 2, 2023

Newsom, good to his word he appointed a Black Woman to succeed Dianne Feinstein:

Yes, she’s Black.

Yes, she’s a Woman

Yes, she’s a Lesbian.

Yes, she’s Pro Abortion.

Yes, she’s a Democrat.

But, she’s not a current resident of California. She and her spouse have a daughter and moved to Maryland in 2021. She owns a home in California and she will re-register to vote in California before being sworn in.

She is currently President of EMILY’S list since 2021. What is that? EMILY’s List provides training, recruits women to run, and endorses and funds female political candidates. They are dedicated to electing Democratic pro-choice women to office.

Per Wikipedia: “Butler began her career as a union organizer for nurses in Baltimore and Milwaukee, janitors in Philadelphia, and hospital workers in New Haven, Connecticut. In 2009, she moved to California, where she organized in-home caregivers and nurses, and she served as president of SEIU United Long Term Care Workers, SEIU Local 2015.”

As we follow her career, her current net worth is reportedly $300,000 on one site and $16 million on another. Let’s see what happens in the next year to that.

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