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By Angry Old American

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So far, this series of articles has been an examination of Technology and its impact upon “Humanity.” We explored “Energy,” from fire to electricity, and our development of language and intellect; and our recent subsequent decline of critical thinking. We have also explored a class of “High Priests” who have profited from knowledge of natural cyclical events, and denial of education among the masses.

A common synonym of “Energy” is “Power.” The concept of Power dates back to the dawn of our species. Power, applied by Force, and “Domination” over other species and our fellows has been a primal drive and motivating factor for individuals, groups, and kingdoms.

Dominance is “Dominion” over the self-directed “Will” and very Lives of other sentient beings. Through Dominance, come ready access to basic resources, social prominence, and breeding opportunities.

Power and Dominance are hardwired through Instinct within the animal realm. In the wild, the distinction between predator and prey, survival during conflict, and social position in group hierarchies, is determined by brute strength and personal exercise of Power and Dominance. Pecking orders are established as a Bully Caste system, where Dominance is exerted down the line all the way to the runt on the bottom. Individual confidence, or the lack thereof, determines the initial response to conflict; the age-old question of Fight or Flight. Power, through physical force, or intimidation, takes several forms. Humans, like most animals, display their aggressive or defensive prowess to an adversary through vocal or behavioral displays or threats. This is not always the case. The most dangerous dog is the one that does not bark. Many predators, after stalking their prey, will produce a loud cry or roar during ambush in order to temporarily stun their prey through terror. Others will silently and simply launch their attack and get down to business. In direct “Brute Force,” early humans were probably weaponless, and relied on their own physical strength, and fighting skills. Killing tools of opportunity consisted of any handy stick of stone capable of delivering an enhanced blow. Use of field-expedient killing- tools of opportunity is evidenced in certain ape species also.

Production of killing tools, or “Weapons,” appeared as protein-rich meat from dead animals entered the omnivorous Human diet. Anthropological digs have unearthed a large number of “Clovis Points;” small crude sharpened stones. Stone axes are also commonly discovered, dating to antiquity; when our species competed with Neanderthals and Homo Erectus. Weapons were most certainly not exclusive to hunting, but also for competitive fights within groups, murder of competing territorial intruders, and all-out wars.

Extensions of killing tools incorporated handles, like spear shafts attached to knife points, and handles to stone axes. Extensions allowed the safety of additional distance between the killer and their adversary; a handy advantage if that adversary was a lion or bear.

Projected killing tools came next, as spears, knives and axes were thrown. In time, both Extended and Projected Weapons would incorporate a variety of “Force Multipliers” that included leverage, compression, momentum and synergy. Whips, slings, darts, bows and arrows, and blow-guns popped-up around the planet.

As Social Groups became more complex, Power within a group was determined either by time-honored traditional brute-force coercion, manipulation, or deception; the “Stick, Carrot or Trick.”

Crude barbaric “Coercive Power,” or “Despotism” worked efficiently, but led to an environment of envy, resentment and internal conflict; as usurpers exercised assassination to grasp power for themselves. Ancient Roman Emperors often lasted only a few years before being murdered by family, friends, or the ever watchful Praetorian Guard. Despotic forms of government were quite common worldwide clear up through the 1700s. The French Renaissance Philosopher Voltaire, who grew-up during the reign of Louis XIV “The Sun King,” once said, “The most divine form of government would be a series of Benevolent Tyrannies; tempered by the occasional assassination.” This earned the aristocratic Voltaire a stay in the Bastille.

Theocracies, ruled by “Divine Power,” were the first Governments to emerge. Dominion was held over “Subjects,” or those who subjected their Will to their higher Earthly Power. “God-Kings” wielded Despotic rule as the voice of god. Authority was granted to enforce laws and collect a share of production in the form of taxes. Later Kings would likewise claim Divine Authority as a basis for their own Dominion over others. Those from other cultures who were conquered in battle were “Enslaved;” and being at the bottom of the pecking-order were subservient to all common citizens, and considered disposable by the King.

Militaries were developed by early Kings in order to make war upon their external foes and maintain order among their subjects. The bigger and badder the Army; the more Powerful the King. As Armies and Navies became more numerous and sophisticated, brute strength and numbers mattered less than the application of Strategy and Tactics. Wars were extremely important, and to this day we know details and outcomes related to wars that happened thousands of years ago. The first “Democracy,” where Dominion and Laws were determined by common vote, came in Greece. The Pantheistic Religion of the Greeks, which was derived from the stars, led to a common knowledge of Astrology. Philosophy came into being as a way to explain worldly processes through “Reason.”  Logic, debate and rhetorical argument a form of entertainment. Arts were controlled by supernatural “Muses” of inspiration, and Sciences directed through the gods of Nature and invention. Adult “Citizens” were responsible to group rule, and required to “Vote.” Ultimately, the vote was controlled by the urging of those Orators who yelled the loudest; and upon those who provided the largest bribes. Individual rights were subservient to the will of the group, and this led to a Tyranny of the Masses over the Citizen. Those that failed in their duties to the group were subsequently punished or banished. Despite the obvious flaws of Democracy, the personal advantages of this new government over Despotism provided incentive to protect it.

The “Phalanx,” was the basis for early Greek military formations. Participation in War in many Greek City States was not mandatory; but obligatory to maintain status in the Society. Physical fitness and participation in War was considered a great honor. Spartan Greeks became a culture dedicated to war and the glory of a heroic death. While their opponents nervously awaited conflict, the Spartans often danced, sang and celebrated the opportunity for battle.  

Most of the Tactical military movements were pioneered by the Ancient Greeks. The seven classical tactical maneuvers include “The Wedge” or penetration of the Center, encirclement from a flank, “The Pincer” attack on both flanks, the Oblique Attack, tempting the enemy into a trap through False Retreat, and attacking from a defensive position. The seventh tactic,  of wearing down the enemy with hit and run attacks was later introduced by the Roman Dictator Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosis during his successful route of Hannibal in the Second Punic War. This became known as “Fabian Strategy,” or the “Indirect Approach.”

Naval Warfare began as a way to ferry ground troops, but progressed into battle on open water. Sail was augmented with oars, and catapults were added in order to launch “Greek Fire.”

War, and the application of Strategy and Tactics continued to evolve through constant wars throughout the Greek City States and neighboring Ancient Mediterranean cultures. The Macedonian Warrior Prince “Alexander the Great” managed to conquer the entire known World of the time by the time of his death at the age of 32. Alexanders legendary example spread the science of Strategy and Tactics to all the countries within his Domain.

Collection of Intelligence through observers, scouts and spies, has been a key military discipline carried on from the time of Alexander. Cavalry, because of their speed, were scouts for a main army. Eventually, light and heavy cavalry were developed for use in direct combat. Chariots, both light and heavy, were added in order to carry spears and archers.

Chemical and Biological Warfare first surfaced with the “Scorched Earth” strategy employed by Alexander the Great. In order to starve enemy forces, all crops were burned, livestock slaughtered and left to rot in watering holes, while remaining food supplies were poisoned.

Rome expanded the earlier knowledge of Warcraft. Rome, unlike Greece, was a Republic which protected the rights of Individual Citizens to own land and property, pass it on to their children, and enjoy a variety of expanded freedoms with legal protection from indiscriminate government oppression. Non-Citizens and Slaves from other Cultures could earn Roman Citizenship through military service; some would even be provided land and a pension upon retirement. The many numbered Legions of Rome were broken down into Centuries and Cohorts, led by Generals and Centurions. Unlike the Armies of Greek Hoplites, the Roman Soldier was provided uniform weapons and shields, armor and helmets, along with standardized training. Gear, rations and medical aid were available to Roman Soldiers through sophisticated Supply Lines and Camp Followers. Roman engineers built roads, bridges boats and ships to facilitate large troop movements, siege engines to destroy enemy emplacements, and sturdy fortifications to protect their own troops. Aqueducts, and sanitation were established wherever Roman settlements sprung-up.

Roman Armies were ruthlessly efficient. Their Pantheistic Religion would accept any god revered among their neighbors. The proposition was to submit voluntarily to Roman authority; or submit under extreme duress. Once under Roman occupation, outposts and trade were established along with the usual obligatory taxes.

The Carthaginian General Hannibal, during the First Punic War, launched an unsuccessful invasion of Rome that resulted in draconian tributes and taxes as a penalty. The near bankruptcy of Carthage led to a second Punic War which also led to defeat. Caesar made an example of Carthage to any kingdom in the Realm that chose to defy their authority. The Carthaginian Navy and Army were completely destroyed, every soldier and sailor killed, and every ship and barracks burned. The entire civilian population;, every man, woman, child, pet and all livestock were put to the sword, house by house, by “Murder Squads.” So brutal was the carnage that members of Murder Squads were periodically rotated to prevent madness. After the entire population was killed, and every home torched; every stone from temples, public buildings, and infrastructure was dismantled from their place, and the land itself was salted so no trees or plants would grow ever again.   

The Western Roman Empire fell in 459 AD, and the Eastern Christian Byzantine Empire fell to famine, plague and Ottoman occupation a thousand years later.

Before the great fall of the Holy Roman Empire, a series of “Crusades” were launched into the “Holy Land,” which ultimately resulted in the Islamic backlash that brought its demise.

Upon the return of Marco Polo to Venice in 1269 AD from his explorations into China, the Western World would acquire gunpowder. This led to Rockets as Aerial Flares that lit the night. Then came the Blunderbuss, Cannon, Flintlock Musket, and Mortar.

The “Dark Ages” from 1450 onward would distribute Roman military knowledge to Warlords and subsequent Kings intent on establishing their own autocratic rule.

The Roman Republic, and values of individual rights and liberty were gone. 

On a political level, “Alliances” were often established; and “Treachery,” “Deception” and “Betrayal” commonly employed to establish Dominance. The Jesuit Priest, Niccolo Machiavelli codified the rules of Political Power in his book “The Prince,” written in 1510 and later published in 1532. Such cunning methods outlined by Machiavelli had earlier allowed Hernan Cortez to conquer the Aztec Empire, with millions of subjects and massive armies. Cortez accomplished this task only three years, between 1519 and 1521, with approximately 500 Conquistadors, 13 horses, and a handful of cannons. The secret weapons Cortez possessed were Treachery, Deception and Betrayal learned from Centuries of ruthless European wars; and natural immunity from exposure to several devastating waves of pox and plague.

In keeping with previous articles, we are looking at military “innovations” throughout history; with specific emphasis to the past two hundred years.

Military needs often led to far innovations that were beneficial to all humanity. One example was Napoleon’s 1772 contest for practical food preservation to decrease spoilage during shipment to troops. The winner devised a method for bottling food. In England, this same method provided food stored in tins. This led to the canning methods of preservation that we use to this day.

Prior inventions have always been used by the military. The uniform manufacture of movable type for the printing press, led to the mass production of books. Most early firearms were individually produced, with unique qualities. Employing the concept of uniform standards for rifle and pistol components led to mass production during the early 1800s.

Throughout the history of war, Swords, Sabers, Scimitars, Foils, Spears, Pikes, and Battle-Axes slashed, skewered and hacked the enemy to pieces. Muskets of .68 caliber literally blew arms and legs to bits. Many of the wounded would be left to die a slow death, or were dispatched with a Coup de Gras where they lay. Chariot, Longbow, Recurve Cavalry Bow, Crossbow, and later Muskets and Cannon were used within traditional formations in “Open Combat,” fully exposed to enemy fire. “Mining” underneath fortifications, Catapults, Trebuchet and Cannon became tools to batter down fortified walls. All of these were standard operating procedure through the Napoleonic Wars through the Mexican American War of the 1830s.

The expanded use of Watt’s Steam Engine, and innovations in the realm of transportation and industry led to a new age in warfare. Steam commonly powered ships and the new Railroads.

By the American Civil War, “Military Surgeons,” able to amputate limbs in just over a minute, and skilled at cauterizing blood vessels, made great strides in reducing battle fatalities.

The “War to Preserve the Republic” brought Observation Balloons and armored ships called “Iron-clads.” Percussion Cap had replaced Flintlock, and Paper Cartridges facilitated quick reloads. Rifled Barrels increased long-range accuracy, scopes were added for the best sharp-shooters, and the first “Snipers” appeared. Breach Loading increased rate of fire, and Repeating Rifles, with tubular magazines holding 15 metallic cartridges, multiplied rate of fire even more. The Gatling Gun provided even more firepower, and led to the first “modern detachable magazine.” Howitzers with rifled barrels increased range and accuracy of artillery. Telegraph and Rail Transportation were used extensively where available. Considering that traditional Open Battle formations and tactics that were used, marching in a straight line into a hail of bullets and bombs, it was no wonder that the American Civil War was a blood-bath. These new technological innovations led to more lives lost during the American Civil War than all other wars in American history combined.

Taking of prisoners became a messy affair. Soldiers held in captivity were often held in outdoor pens or indoor dungeons, with little regard to medical aid, food or sanitation. Non-combatants were also displaced en-mass, and left to wander and starve.

Discovery of massive gold and diamond deposits in South Africa led to British Expansion. The Boer War led to the first “Concentration Camps” along with widespread use of Concertina Wire.

World War One led to further advances of “U-Boats” and Submarines. Trench Warfare had replaced Open Battle Formations. The telegraph was replaced with the Field Phone and Homing Pigeons. Mines and Booby-traps appeared on the battlefield. Machine-guns, Automatic Magazine-fed Pistols, and the Automatic Rifle became common. Motorized Aircraft and Armored Tanks appeared on the scene. Poison Gas and Flame-throwers added to the horror of war. Atrocities of the First World War, including ethnic cleansing of civilians, led to the Geneva Convention in order to establish rules for “Civilized Combat.”

By World War Two, “Propaganda” and “Social Engineering” had been introduced to a gullible public through books, periodicals, radio shows and movies; much as is still done today. Entire national populations could easily be inflamed, outraged and motivated to action.

Combined Operations and Special Operations were established under the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). The concept of Total War led to indiscriminate “V-2” rocket bombings of civilian targets and “Incendiary Carpet Bombings” that often claimed more civilian deaths than the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima. Field Radios replaced wired Field Phones. Platoons were required by the Geneva Convention to have a Trained Medic. Sub-Machine-guns, Hand-held Anti-Tank Weapons (Bazookas) were added to the infantry arsenal. Airborne Units delivered soldiers to the field by parachute and glider. Aircraft Carriers replaced the Battleship as aircraft became the deciding factor in Naval Warfare. The Nazis introduced Jet Aircraft and the V-2  Rocket became the first Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM).

Germany also used IBM’s new punch-card computers to facilitate the control and roundup of targeted classes within occupied populations. Using Henry Ford’s “Assembly Line” concepts of automobile production, Concentration Camps evolved into Human Extermination Camps where people were stripped of resources, processed, killed and incinerated as efficiently as livestock in a slaughterhouse.

Modern Supply Line Logistics became a critical factor that determined victory in the Second World War. The Atomic Bomb is seen by many as the Coup de Gras that ended the war.

From the Korean War onward, we have seen the development of covert technologies like Brainwashing of Manchurian Candidates and Monarchs. MK-Ultra, lifted from Nazi research led to psychological experiments on unsuspecting citizens in many populations.

Aerial Refueling allowed extended flights for air to ground operations and Nuclear laden Strategic Bombers. Nuclear ICBMs proliferated during the “Arms Race” to support the strategy of “Mutually Assured Destruction” (MAD). Larger and more potent Nuclear arms were developed until they reached “Doomsday Weapon” proportions. Nuclear Powered Ships and Submarines, packed with devastating ICBMs, led to quieter sonar signatures and bigger payloads.

Our Species was now able to destroy the entire world several times over, without ever asking ourselves if it was a good idea.

Nuclear arsenals became financially unsustainable, and “Non-Proliferation Treaties” were signed to remove both Nukes and Chemical Weapons Stockpiles. Nuclear Weapons were dismantled, with fissile materials transferred to the first Nuclear Power Plants. Nerve Gas stockpiles were miraculously transformed into “Shell Pest Strips” and sold to the public.

Though jet aircraft would rule the skies, the Helicopter would serve the greatest support for ground troops during the Cold War. Medivac units would quickly deliver wounded soldiers to Mobile Army Surgical Hospitals (MASH) located near battlefields. Helicopters would later provide troop transport for Air Assault troops and close air support as Gunships. Napalm was added to the arsenal of incendiary munitions while defoliants, such as Agent Orange, denuded jungle cover.

Surface to Air Missiles (SAMs) developed for anti-aircraft use, and Air to Ground Missiles (AGMs) to attack ground targets. Countermeasures, like flares to ward-off heat-seeking missiles, and radar jamming also came into being.

The Old OSS Combined Operations evolved into the Joint Unconventional Warfare Task Force, with Military Assistance Commands (MAC) established in each Theater of Operation. MAC Special Operations Groups (MAC-SOG) consisted of Special Forces, Intelligence, Signal Communications, Civil Affairs, and Psychological Operations (PSYOP) in support of conventional military units.

Other significant technological innovations included   Night Vision scopes and goggles.

The Cruise Missile and Neutron Bomb hit the scene along with AWACs command and coordination of aircraft in the sky. C-130 Gunships, “Puff” or “Spooky,” armed with mini-guns, anti-tank munitions and howitzers, and equipped with state-of-the-art night vision and targeting systems turned the tide of many battles.

By Desert Storm, Armored Aircraft and Helicopters with redundant systems and controls increased close ground support survivability.

Air-Fuel Bombs, AKA the “Mother Of All Bombs” (MOAB) and   “Bunker-Buster” Bombs attained the same effects as a tactical nuke; but without the radioactive residue.

We are now in the era of Autonomous Aerial Drones, the “Soldier of the Future,” Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs), Robotic Targeting, and Cargo Container Weapons. China’s People’s Liberation Army was first to dispatch “Autonomous Robotic Soldiers” to their Himalayan border conflict with India. Waiting in the wings are Artificial Intelligence (AI) Directed Autonomous Weapons that will kill without human control.

We, as a Species are on the cusp of “Submitting” our self-directed “Will” and “Lives” to the “Dominance” of machines!

Biological Warfare research has led to the release of Covid-19 and a Global Pandemic. Social Engineering and Psychological Operations through Propaganda have led to the subsequent spread of Despotic rule.

Cyber Attacks have the potential to shut-down communications, water and transportation infrastructure, internet, banking, and power grids. Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Weapons likewise could lead to the collapse of entire power grids for years on end.

Hypersonic Cruise Missiles defy conventional countermeasures. The Russian “Poseidon,” an autonomous nuclear torpedo the size of a submarine, is designed to be detonated over a fault zone and trigger earthquakes and tsunamis.

We have also seen the proliferation of Private Corporate Mercenary Armies. The largest of these massive Corporate Armies employs over 300,000 soldiers worldwide. They recruit only the most highly trained and experienced military specialists, paying several times their previous military salary. These armies provide security for multi-national mega-corporations, Wall Street tycoons, filthy-rich industrialists, media Moguls, oil-rich Princes and Potentates, world bankers and financiers, and a sprinkling of lowly multi-billionaire riff-raff clients.

Does it seem that there is a disconnect between our “Leaders” and the horrific consequences of Nuclear Armageddon? After-all, it is the common Electro-monkey that will die. These “Lords of the Universe” are surrounded by both government and private armies, Many, like Bill Gates, Mark Zukerberg, Joe Biden the late Jeffrey Epstien have Islands with Bunkers where they claim dominion over all they survey. Others like George Bush, who owns huge regions of Paraguay, have established their own kingdoms,

Our Elected Officials have had Deep Underground Military Bunkers (DUMBs) available for the survival of themselves and their families since the Cold War. There are monthly drills by military “Doomsday Planes” located throughout the USA tasked with transporting VIPs to their respective DUMBs; and there are literally hundreds of such bunkers.

For us commoners, who face war above-ground, it is important to have a grasp of the technologies that will be used for our extermination. During all wars, it is the civilian is most prone to die.

Most alarming is the reliance on automated ICBM detection and launch systems used by major world powers. Since nuclear strikes can happen before a human can comprehend and respond; our mad scientists, in their infinite wisdom have left those jobs to automated systems, and soon Artificial Intelligence.

Should a nuclear attack be launched upon the United States, it could take many forms. The days of massive “Doomsday Bombs” are done, with the one exception of the Russian Poseidon, which could destroy the Western US Coastline. Tactical Nukes, with payloads capable of destroying a one mile radius, would most likely be deployed on strategic targets.

When it comes to nuclear detonations, the type of detonation is important to note. An air-burst would cause more damage from blast, and heat exceeding that on the surface of our Sun. An air-burst would also produce a more significant Electromagnetic Pulse. However, an air-burst Nuke would not produce anywhere near the nuclear fallout of a surface blast. A surface blast would eject massive amounts of vaporized radioactive dust into the atmosphere and follow the prevailing winds. A subterranean nuclear detonation would also contain fallout, but still less than a surface detonation and minimal EMP.

An EMP could take down one or more of our nation’s three power grids; East of the Great Divide, Western, and Texas has its own Power Grid. The huge Transformers that facilitate the flow of electricity along these grids would fry. These Transformers are gigantic, and up-until the Trump Administration were not manufactured in the Continental United States. We now have three manufacturers available in the United States, and it would take more than a year to build them and another year or more to transport and install. Rail cars are too small to carry these gargantuan transformers, and bridges, overpasses and tunnels would need to be torn down or widened for them to pass.

Most microprocessors not protected by Faraday Cages would also be destroyed by an EMP. Say goodbye for good to most computers, radios, TVs, cellular phones, digital watches and clocks, surveillance cameras, security alarms, ATMs, and modern automobiles manufactured from 1964 onward. When, or if, the power grid is ever restored, these items will be nothing but hunks of plastic, silicon and metal.

With the Power Grid down, the modern Electro-monkey will have no electric lights, heat, air-conditioning, refrigeration, land-line phone, cellular phone, radio, TV, home computer, internet, satellite services, “Smart Devices,” nor any of the other electric gadgets and gizmos that form the basis for modern life.

Most important, pumped water after an EMP would disappear after water pressure slowly ebbs away. A word to the wise; fill every sink, bathtub and container in your house as soon as an EMP occurs.

The electronic economy of credit and debit card transactions and electronic funds transfers would cease. Crypto-currency would be totally worthless overnight with no way to convey it. Stores would be shuttered until all goods are looted. For those with generators or vehicles that still work, gas-station pumps would be abandoned for hand pumps,

Emergency Services will go away along with failed communications and transportation. No more 911 calls, emergency medical, police, or fire response. We will all be on our own, thrown back to the late 1800s, in a dark silent world where what we see, hear, smell, taste and feel are what we’ve got.

The Department of Homeland Security, back when it was reliable, estimated 80% or more of our population would perish during a sustained grid-down situation. Those who are totally dependent on pharmaceutical medications and medical machines would be first to go. Others, never having learned how to live without electricity, would soon follow. There will be young Electro-monkeys that will commit suicide over the loss of their Facebook social network account alone.

Those who are prepared for the event will face the desperate “Golden Horde” of entitled victims searching for their “reparations” and the next meal. The same propagandized scum that rioted, looted, vandalized, burned, raped, assaulted and murdered during the Summer of 2020 will be out in force again. Expect to find many brainwashed young Electro-monkey refugees, cast-out of their cyber-universe, bereft of any practical skills, and determined to grasp their own share of the entitlement pie, Our Government “Leaders” will pillage their communities along with the other criminal ne’er-do-wells. They will be convinced that Government still exists, and their own personal Dominion over everything that they survey. We are all only nine meals away from total Anarchy.

Should an EMP not happen, and military occupation occur, our electronics are all tailor-made to locate and spy on us. The antiquated IBM computers used by the Nazis in World War Two are toys compared with the surveillance state of today.

We have returned to the Age of Despotic power from which we emerged. If we do not destroy ourselves with weapons; then some cold calculating machine will do it for us.

We only have ourselves to blame; nobody forced us to become dependent on technology, nor subservient to our addiction to Power.

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