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By Angry Old American

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In First World Countries, the 21st Century human has become inextricably enslaved to electricity. So great is this dependence, that previous combustible energy sources now face corporate contrived and government enforced “obsolescence.” Fire, the long held basis for humankind’s rise above the beasts, has been demonized by our controlled media as as producers of planet-killing carbon effluvium.   Combustion engines for lawn and yard care, wood harvesting and snow removal are first to go. Fireplaces and wood-burning stoves for home heating will go next; and by 2030 cars and trucks will be banned also. Every watt of electricity will face ever increasing prices and “carbon taxes.” Human independence and liberty itself will vanish along with legal access to fire and combustible fuels. The modern Electro-monkey has evolved beyond the linear sine-wave electrical flow of the 1930s to 21st Century digital. Computers and the internet have opened a Pandora’s box of options. 

Language, mathematics, and history are now considered malleable; to be changed at the whim of the prevailing political breeze. Our species itself is considered fair game for genetic engineering and trans-human cyborg “enhancement.”

How did our species become so dependent upon electricity; a phenomenon existing in Nature only in the ionosphere, lightning bolts, and a handful of fish species? We must look back to our earlier dependence upon fire to find the answer.

Fire, among its other purposes, gave our species light, warmth and safety. Though early humans spent a majority of their time hunting and gathering, the warmth and light of day was quickly extended into the darkness. Fire’s light provided extra hours to make tools and clothing. The stars, an early form of TV, were augmented by additional hours of campfire pondering and invention.

Predatory animals had fear of fire and smoke. Humans avoided becoming a nocturnal predator’s meal due to fire, and that was sufficient benefit alone. Unbroken sleep hours, free of fear, provided deep “REM” (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, and subsequently less harmful physical effects of sleep deprivation. As an added bonus, we had more time to commune with our dreams. Many inventions in written history were attributed by their creators to visions experienced in their dreams.

Humankind began to progress due to the increased safety, warmth and light of fire. Words, as a way to convey meaning, led to language as a more complex form of communication. Stories emerged, for both education and entertainment, mostly focused on the celestial “Stars” of early TV in the nightly sky. These Stars subsequently took on mythical god-like stature with human qualities.

Campfire stories also emerged based on experiences shared by those around the campfire. Topics of these stories involved natural disasters, hunts, wars, heroes and villains, love and vengeance. Campfire stories preserved the group memory, or “History,” of the group, tribe, clan or kingdom. In the absence of writing, the capacity for memory expanded, and those “Oral Traditions” would form the basis for early religions and histories.

Counting of fingers and toes, berries and bison, trees and stars, led to simple mathematics. Two arrows are far better than one, and three are even more valuable. Numbers and values became increasingly significant as excess resources grew, along with skills of barter and trade.

Bright lads throughout the world started to count “Time” between periodic events in the Celestial Show above. Time itself, took great effort to calibrate and harness. The “Day,” for early humans, consisted of the time required for the Sun to make a complete transit of the sky. This daily movement of the Sun first marked the birth and death of each individual day; and later was attributed to the Sun’s journey “around the Earth.” Daylight segments of this transit were determined by Sun-Dials.

These early astronomers evolved into a class of priests and shaman. Regularly occurring events, such as the beginning and end of seasons, were correlated with moons and phases of moons. Stars were even linked to cataclysmic events; comets became harbingers of disaster as “Dis-as-Stars,” or “evil stars.”

Regional cultural methods of Arithmetic, Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus emerged with a variety of “Base Systems” and “Measures.” Binary, decimal, octal, and hexadecimal base systems emerged; some counting “one through ten,” while others counted “one through twelve.” Some had a concept of Zero, while others didn’t. Measurements of distance might be based on the average length of human feet (one foot), the forearm (one cubit) and outstretched hands (one fathom); or cocoa plant pods, as was the case in Mesoamerica. Measurements were determined for distance, weighs, volume, force, their combinations, and newly emerging discoveries like  magnetism, chemistry and electricity.

Celestial Priests developed an early Astronomy called Astrology; based on the twelve full moon’s of the year. The position of stars in the sky at a particular time were instrumental for determining periodic wet-seasons and floods. This knowledge was as important as the plow in forming the bedrock of Agriculture.

Closely guarded knowledge of Astronomy-Astrology led to a reverence among commoners for the Celestial Priests and the “gods” that they claimed to represent. Among the superstitious masses, that which was beyond their understanding took on the appearance of supernatural magic. Knowledge of Lunar and Solar eclipses, prior of the event, provided potent tools to manipulate these gullible masses.

“The Great Fooboo, god of the Universe, has become angry with his people because they do not provide an opulent palace, the best food, and the hottest women for his beloved High Priests. Therefore, the Great Fooboo will make the Sun vanish from the sky tomorrow as a warning to the wretched people that they must treat his High Priests as the Great Fooboo’s representatives on Earth!”

Due to their “influence” with the gods, the Priestly Classes rose to power as equals, and often above the “Warrior Kings.”

Though the capacity of human memory had advanced to phenomenal levels through constant exercise; the Celestial Priests needed a more lasting form of record. The invention of “Writing,” an extremely complex task, would provide records both reliable and enduring to match the needs of celestial observation.

Along with Celestial records, written histories and religious texts emerged. In most civilizations, these histories and religious texts were the result of the old oral-tradition stories.

Many written religious texts, like the Torah, Talmud and later Bible, became instruction manuals for cultural behavior and the individual experience of life. The natural consequences of good and bad behavior were told first as stories, with pleasant or horrific outcomes. Later these behavioral breaches were codified with written laws and subsequent penalties. 

For an Anthropologist, the presence of writing within an archaeological site indicates a “civilized” culture that has evolved beyond the oral traditions. 

Throughout history, the majority of our species have been functionally illiterate. In the earliest civilizations of the “god-kings,” literacy was a distinction of class; a closely guarded secret denied to serfs and slaves because of its power to unlock the bedrock sciences considered holy or magic.

Each regional culture and civilization had its own chronology of public literacy. In Western Civilization, reading and writing, and the treasures of mathematics and science, history and languages, were reserved for those who could afford private instruction, or were taught specific intellectual disciplines required for them to serve their financial sponsors. A specific class of “Scribes” were dedicated to writing original works, translating manuscripts from other languages, or transcribing existing worn-out tablets of parchments in order to preserve knowledge.

Civilizations ebbed and flowed with the fortunes of climate; which, in turn, had a direct relation to solar cycles. This would not escape the notice of our early and present day Celestial Priests. Our special and often clandestine class of High Priests have harvested misplaced wealth from mass-misfortune and misery throughout the millennia. After all, as in the laws of physics, nothing is ever lost; but either transforms in Nature (solid, liquid, gas, energy or plasma), or is redistributed.

Civilizations regularly collapsed during “Grand Solar Minimums;” when the Earth’s electromagnetic field was weakest, tectonic activity increased, the flotsam of Space breached our weakened ionosphere, and climate radically changed. Extreme natural disasters led to droughts, floods, ice, pestilence, crop diseases and failures, livestock deaths, famines, human pandemics, social unrest, civil wars, invasions, ethnic-cleansing or genocide, and ultimately ended with the collapse of empires.

Many empires of antiquity were so thoroughly obliterated that they existed only in legend til recently. All material trace of their greatest temples and literature were broken to rubble by enemies and vandals, and buried beneath the sands of time. Some, like Ancient Troy, were not unearthed til the 20th Century. Others still await discovery.

In most cases, with each successive cultural collapse, their accumulated knowledge is destroyed by conqueror or vandal. The intellectual slate was thus wiped clean during the next dark age; where new legends and superstitions are woven from the past.

Such was the case with the Roman Empire. The Western Roman Empire fell during a Grand Solar Minimum in 476 AD, and the Eastern Byzantine Empire fell in 1453 AD nearly 1,000 years later during another Grand Solar Minimum Cycle.

Today, our “modern” civilization has entered yet another Grand Solar Minimum. Not surprisingly, our “Celestial Priests” are using this cyclical event to fleece the masses and enrich themselves. “We need ‘Carbon Taxes’ to fight ‘climate change’ in order to save the planet.” As though the old con-artists actually have control of Solar cycles!

After the fall of the remnants of the Eastern Roman Empire in Christian Byzantium, Augustine organized theologians in remote and fortified “Abbeys” to preserve many Roman library documents through the inevitable “Dark Ages.” Hundreds of years earlier, Julius Caesar mourned his accidental destruction of the Great Library of Alexandria. This Egyptian Library was considered most complete archive of accumulated knowledge from the known Western World. The preserved Roman knowledge from Byzantine Libraries would form the basis for later emerging schools.

Schools were a luxury enjoyed by scholars and scribes, and the sprinkling of Religious Patriarchs and Political Nobility that employed and funded them. The peasant classes were isolated in remote villages; illiterate, superstitious, and once-again reliant on the “Oral Tradition” of story-telling.

Kings would send minstrels and bards throughout their realm in order to teach their subjects “songs” relevant to patriotism and news. Music of the Minstrel lent a convenient foundation to easily memorize the poetic words of the Bard. These traveling shows were much anticipated as a break in monotonous routine, and were often accompanied by festivals. They were the government controlled “Mainstream Media” of the past; distributing official patriotic propaganda; while collecting and spreading gossip from adjacent villages.

Most remote villages had at least one highly prized citizen possessed of foreign languages, literacy, or both. Books remained a very rare and expensive resource because each one would be copied or transcribed from one language to the next, by hand, with skill and hard labor.

In Abbeys, Monks were “Cloistered” in cells where they would study and write for days on end. In Cities, Church schools established the first universities. Religious schools also continued among non-Christians, where tolerated, and they preserved their own spoken and written languages and cultural teachings.

The Printing Press, with its movable type, was invented in 1436. An entire class of “Scribes” and their skills of calligraphy were quickly displaced. Books were no longer rare, and became affordable for growing numbers in the population. Yet, only the literate few could use these Books, while the rest were dependent upon readers to translate the text. This would quickly change because the Bible, being first mass-produced and distributed popular book, became a tool for spreading literacy. The words were first spoken during sermons, then set to memory; and later translated within the mind by exposure to the corresponding printed words.

For the motivated few in the common classes, a hard day of work was followed by hours reading by candle-light. Religious and Private Schools, Colleges and Universities expanded the existing scientific, historical, religious and philosophical disciplines; adding even more to the published literature of books, often published by their own Institutional Press. By the “Age of Enlightenment”  in the late 17th and early 18th Centuries, advanced literacy had made its way to the peasant class in small towns and on farms. Educators were employed by towns that could afford them in order to teach children in one-room schoolhouses. Such “public” schools provided education to children when they were not otherwise employed farming in the field or working in factories, and were neither mandatory nor enjoyed by all. Hand written “Letters” proliferated among the mercantile and peasant classes, and “Postal Systems” were developed to carry and deliver them.

Kingdoms and Monarchies were subsequently displaced by ideas from earlier “Democracies” and “Republics.” Ancient Greece evolved Democracy into a “Tyranny of the Masses;” who, in turn, were swayed by those who shouted the loudest, or paid the handsomest bribes. Rome’s Republic concentrated wealth and privilege amongst the Aristocracy, and created a welfare state that ultimately contributed to its own downfall. The early Age of Chivalry, which led to the spread of Monarchy, was itself a “bold experiment” in political rule. Yet, they fell to political systems dating back to antiquity.

Thanks to the long line of Monks and Scribes who preserved the works of Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophers, along with historical texts and classical literature, a class of “Renaissance Scholars” emerged. Philosophers of the Enlightenment explored these varied works and added more depth. The Sciences of Astronomy, Chemistry, and Physics were greatly expanded by interdisciplinary mathematicians such as Laplace and Fourier. Surgeons expanded knowledge of anatomy and physiology. New research evolved into Geology, Archeology, Anthropology and Biological Taxonomy leading to the establishment of genetic “Orders.” Though the earliest experiments into the phenomenon of “Electricity” were conducted with magnets in the late 16th Century, experiments progressed in earnest during the late 1700s.

The most profound and consequential electrical invention would emerge in the 1800s. Between the Pony Express and Transcontinental Railroad, electricity would facilitate the early telegraph. Though it was unable to transmit vocal messages, the telegraph could relay dots and dashes. These “Digital” signals were developed into “Morse Code” and provided the first instantaneous relay of “News.” Like the illiterate masses during the emerging age of books, the common fellow required interpreters to decipher the Morse Code into its respective language.

The advent of the Transcontinental Railroad impacted the human use of “Time.” The Time at each Train Depot was different, because time at each location was traditionally determined by the position of the Sun in the sky. All of this changed due to the precise scheduling needs of long distance rail transport. In 1883, the world was introduced to Sir Sanford Fleming’s new invention called “Time Zones.” The United States was broken down into four of these “Time Zones;” Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific.

Also in 1883, the wealthy American Steel-Magnate Industrialist, Andrew Carnegie, started to spread public libraries throughout America and eventually the entire World. Access to basic and advanced texts became available to anybody with a library card and the ability to read. Science and technology subsequently exploded due to creativity and invention among the common fellow.

Early schools had been established to teach enough reading, writing, and arithmetic for a child or adult to function in society and perhaps, if motivated to do so, gain advanced study through independent study of books. A Fifth Grade McGuffey’s Reader, common at the dawn of the 20th Century, expanded upon the basics of earlier Grades to include Classical Literature, exposure to Greek and Latin, Algebra, and advanced Geometry.

My generation of the 1950s and 1960s attended schools that had a mission. Elementary Schools provided the basic skills of reading, writing, classical literature, mathematics, science, geography, cultural history, and civics; along with extra-curricular sports, music and scouting. Scouts, for both boys and girls were considered important when the memory of war was fresh. Kids would learn basic bushcraft, orienteering, first aid, archery, marksmanship, and a variety of practical hobbies like HAM radio. Middle Schools advanced the basic studies provided in the Elementary Schools with increased emphasis on advanced mathematics, the sciences, logic, physical training and sports. By High School, the students were either focusing on courses to prepare them for College; or were attending classes in specific vocations and trades. Those bound for college would have scholarships if their achievements merited. Those who attended vocational or trade classes often had apprenticeships and paying jobs waiting upon graduation. Others, who lacked the ability or motivation to merit advanced education, or skilled employment, were bound for grunt service in the military, mindless manual farm or factory labor, or careers in crime.   

Books still exist today, but are quickly being displaced by the convenience of the computers and tablets, internet and e-books. Physical Bookstores have given-way to “Online Bookstores.” Secondhand books are being destroyed because nobody wants to have old moldy books taking up space.

Our human species has become dependent on electronic media to store the archives of science, history and literature once held by Carnegie’s Libraries. This development has delivered immense power into the hands of a few Megalomaniacal Internet Monopolists who control “Search Engines” along with a growing number of “Reference Archives” and “Online Encyclopedias.”

We are seeing a trend toward “Online Book-burning.” Our mega-rich monopolists are intent on re-writing history to support their own agendas. They have introduced an Orwellian politically-correct “New Speak” into language, and are actively censoring free thought; even altering religious texts. By redefining word meanings, stigmatizing or  eliminating their use altogether, “Social Engineering” is accomplished at its most fundamental level of “words and meanings.”

Radio and Television had started a significant decline in public literacy well-before the home computer ever came into existence. “Normal” behavior and speech became the only passport necessary for acceptance and success. Prosperity was quickly grasped by pretenders as they obtained monkey-see monkey-do skills and attitudes from movies and TV. The gullible public were no longer able to distinguish actors from the real-deal. Even worse, the average Joe would be unable to differentiate reasonable, rational, logical “Sanity” from programmed “Normality.” This has given rise to the proliferation of new generations of psychopaths, charlatans, con-artists, and crooks inhabiting our ruling-class.

Much like the Celestial Priests before them, our Rulers must maintain the all important “Illusion” of superiority and power. In order to rise above the masses, the commoners must be denied important intellectual tools for maintaining their freedom. This is being accomplished by dumbing-down our educational systems and a war against critical thinking.

The Fabian Society was formed in 1884, and consisted of a collection of famous writers, artists and politicians dedicated to spreading the philosophy of “Universal Equality,” and what has been the rightly defined as the “Religion of Envy.” This new atheist Religion took form under the pen of Karl Marx in his 1848 pamphlet “The Communist Manifesto.” Marxist Dictatorships have required strict intellectual repression ever-since.

In order to support “Equality,” reading and writing have been de-emphasized in modern schools because of “Multiculturalism.” We are not to have “English” as a common language; instead ALL Languages should be held “Equal.” Read about the “Tower of Babel” to see where that bright idea will lead.

To support the values of Equality, we are not to hold a common history either, as history is written by the victor; and there cannot be victory without oppression. Therefore, to assuage the envious desires of “The Oppressed,” our schools found ways to “level the field.” This first started through repression of academic achievement, and rewarding lazy duncels to the same degree as disciplined earners.

Now, to support “color-revolution,” our “Educators” have adopted a Marxist philosophy developed in the 1920s, known as “Critical Race Theory.” This “New” and “Evolved” thinking appeared on the world-stage in tandem with Eugenics and the foundation of Hitler’s “Nazism.”

Even in the best of schools, dedicated to the hard-sciences, there has been a significant decline in mental acuity due to technological dependence. Mathematics has been displaced by pocket-calculators ever since their cheap and popular spread in the 1970s. Children of today no longer “Factor” Algebraic equations in their heads, much less perform logarithmic functions in trigonometry or calculus without the aid of a calculator or computer. In the absence of their electronic machines, the budding mathematician is helpless.

Even in institutions of higher learning, Logic and Rhetoric have been abandoned entirely, with rules of debate becoming a forgotten discipline. Controversial Lecturers, whose topics often conflict with their prescribed doctrines, are not debated; but commonly shouted-down by intolerant, highly-indoctrinated students at Ivy-League Universities. We have “evolved” beyond the “Age of Reason.” 

History, Civics and even hard Sciences have been rewritten by Corporate Elites who profit from prescribed agendas. The “state-of-the-art” in all educational disciplines is determined by money. Funding is only received by those Researchers who’s Doctoral Thesis matches their financier’s aims. This was used by John D. Rockefeller to provide a scientific body of research in support of the new emerging industry of “Pharmaceutical Medicine” during the 1920s. Research into these new Pharmaceutical pills and serums, mostly using petroleum byproduct chemicals, were richly funded by Rockefeller and his peers. Research leading to the destruction of Allopathic and Natural Medicines were richly funded at the same time in order to outlaw their practice. Today, big-Pharma controls both the American Medical Association and Food and Drug Administration; some would say they control our entire Medical System.

As for “Cultural-Engineering” and the “Manufacture of Consent,” these Corporate Leaders control the media companies that publish textbooks, and subsequently control the content of those books. Indeed, the “Leading Research” that provide the most up-to-date science taught in schools, were research that they funded to support their own agendas.

Our wealthy megalomaniacal masters are inventing entire curricula by providing funding to universities where “teachers” are educated; or indoctrinated, in their craft. We have evolved from education aimed toward “Personal Enrichment,” to “Social and Political Indoctrination.”

Public Schools, in just one century, have evolved from the “One-Room Schoolhouse” and McGuffey’s Readers, to the massive bloated School Districts of today. Governments enforce mandatory attendance to public schools in order to control the minds of the youth. Children are considered possessions and resources of the State, with little concern to the desires of the child or parent.

However, physical schools are increasingly forced to compete with superior home-schooling and computer-based “Online Learning.” Yet, our corporate masters are exerting pressure on government to control all speech and thought on the internet in order to imprint their values and agenda upon the minds of impressionable youths.

We started this examination with the exclusive use of electricity for energy. We explored how fire benefited our species and led to the rise of civilizations. We explored the subsequent fall of civilizations; with the Celestial Priests and god-kings who know of disasters and climate change well in advance.

We are once again entering into a Grand Solar Minimum. Not only are volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and climate change common during Grand Solar Minimums; but also Solar Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) from Solar Flares. We have been hit by glancing blows of Solar Flares during the past few years. In early February of 2022, we saw over a dozen of Elon Musk’s Space-X Satellites destroyed by a CME.

What would happen if a direct Coronal Mass Ejection hit the Earth? In 1859, a CME known as the Carrington Event caused the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) to display southward to Florida, Cuba, Hawaii and Columbia. Electricity was still in its infancy in the mid 1800s, mostly being used in telegraph systems. The 1859 CME caused telegraph wires to melt and cause forest fires worldwide. If such an event happened today; it would cause a global meltdown of the electrical grids and destroy most microprocessors.

Would the modern Electro-monkey survive a Coronal Mass Ejection or nuclear detonated Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) weapon?

A more important question is whether our species, as we have existed for millennia, can survive what the “High Priests” of electricity, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, autonomous robotics and trans-humanism have planned for us.

Not all of us will be invited to participate in the New World Order Utopia. Those who question the official narrative and resist blind obedience will soon be culled; as is the tradition of all tyrannies. The Official Narrative, as told by CNN and the other legacy media Alphabets, is a testimony to the degradation of intelligence and reasoning amongst the masses.

Once-upon-a-time, a library card and literacy could provide a ticket to success; now only blind mindless obedience to the High Priests will bring a passport to the Future.  We must relinquish our God-Given Liberty, free-agency for self-determination in order to be molded in the image that the High Priests have chosen for us.

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