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By Donna Westfall – March 7, 2017 – Earlier this morning, Caltrans District 1 has been posting updates on Last Chance Grade:


  • U.S. Highway 101 about a half mile north of Rudisill Road (Last Chance Grade) is experiencing the failure of a retaining wall. This is at the location where 24/7 one-way traffic control with a temporary signal has already been in effect.
  • The highway lost another 10′ of width and is down to 18′ for the one lane of traffic. Caltrans staff believe the highway is still safe and the highway remains open at this time. Staff will remain onsite 24/7 to monitor the highway to ensure public safety.We will provide updates as needed until repairs have been completed.

With another 10 days of rain anticipated, how much water can a hillside contain with just a retaining wall that’s failing?

Is it time for the three Supervisors, Cowan, Howard and Hemmingsen to relent and bring the Great American Renewal Plan back on the agenda?  Oh wait, forget Hemmingsen.  he abstained from voting without giving any reason why… which is a violation of his oath of office.  Therefore, only one of the two that voted “NO” can bring it back on the agenda.

Whether it’s called THE PLAN, or the concept, or the idea, surely they can start to hash out some of the things they’re ignorant about or start to ask some questions or ask for clarification.

Just remember, throwing emergency funds at this problem is just a waste of money when the solution is an alternate route inland.  Emergency funds to continue a patch job on an area that is hemorrhaging is simply a waste of taxpayers money.

Do you believe it’s safe to travel on Last Chance Grade? Do you believe that Caltrans is telling us the truth?[custom-facebook-feed]


4 thoughts on “Last Chance Grade lost another 10 feet. Safe or Disaster waiting to happen?”
  1. Possibly Del Norte may need to consider the thought that the state of California & CalTrans wants last chance grade to collapse so that del norte is isolated from the more rational portions of the state. THINK ABOUT IT! Del Norte once was a place that was so free & easy even in its’ non lucrative status. Now there is chromium in the water, a bunch of outlanders who think they are special, politicos who lack the education & experience to hold their positions, a handful of right winger Tea Party idealogues who lack historical perspective, so many in important positions always open to bribery, so many empty buildings. Pelican Bay has definitely imprinted its economic impact. Del Norte was better; more livable at near poverty levels than it is now with the “economic impact” that has Crescent City appearing as a potential ghost town.

  2. RCAS Meeting – January 20, 2017(2/7)

    Former President Barbara Browning leads our meeting this week, and we hear from Jason Meyer, who is an Associate Environmental Planner for Caltrans. Jason speaks about Highway 101’s “Last Chance Grade” between Arcata and Crescent City.

    7 videos in total, no time to watch them all.

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