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By Linda Sutter – March 20, 2022

Friday March 18, 2022, at 10:00 am was set in Del Norte Superior Court to hear a Writ of Mandate filed against the $25 Million School Bond Citizens Oversight Committee (COC).

After listening to a judge on the telephone who sounded similar to the teacher on Charlie Brown, as he was not available in person and echoed so bad you couldn’t make out what he was saying, it was in my best interest to withdraw from the hearing.

The only part I did hear is the Judge wanted to continue the Writ of Mandate another 30 days, allowing Chairman Steve Lyons to continue his ignorance as the COC chair who allows the school district to dictate what to say in the COC reports to the citizens.

I am dedicated and committed to serving my community by exposing corruption, however I draw the line when justice is unnecessarily delayed only to fill the pockets of an attorney. Especially when I am paying for it.

When the Judge wanted to continue the Writ, I requested to withdraw. I have enough evidence for corruption. It doesn’t necessarily mean anyone will be arrested but my goal is to have a forensic audit conducted because not only has the COC been out of compliance since 2019, they have rewritten the 2019 report 5 times and the numbers are all wrong. Lack of transparency was intentional. The numbers don’t match up. There was absolutely no oversight at all in 2019 which is mandated by California Constitution for strict accountability.

Is the COC out of the woods?


They may have won the battle but they will not win the war.

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