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August 10, 2021

2 thoughts on “Latest Press Release From Sutter Coast Hopital”
  1. Could it be that Sutter Coast Hospital’s mandatory vaccination policy has backfired? Hospital administrators have the power to demand these mandates; but their employees also have the right to walk-out and find work elsewhere. At a time when employees are scarce in every industry, this was a poor decision. Albeit the “Politically Correct” decision, mandates have ended in disaster.

  2. More hysteria driven propaganda from the hospital. Nation wide there is a very slight surge of new Covid cases. Many of them are either fully vaccinated or have at least one dose. Not much of a preventative. Death rates are headed towards near zero. With the unreliability of RT-PCR testing it is not unrealistic to suspect that some of the tests showing positive for Covid are in fact plain old influenza. Masks, distancing, washing your hands is all hot air, no rational person should believe that nonsense.

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