Sun. Apr 21st, 2024


555 people voted in 2010 to prescribe me a medication that I cannot take. 555 people practiced medicine without a license, except they didn’t do an examination, they didn’t do a diagnosis, they didn’t weigh options or do a history, they didn’t look for contraindications, they didn’t check for allergies, they didn’t even weigh me or measure my height: all of the things my doctor would do before prescribing a medication for me.

These 555 people, most of which have no medical training at all, took it upon themselves to play doctor with my health. As a consequence they have put my life and wellbeing in jeopardy. Lucky for them I’m aware that I cannot take the drug they have forced upon me. Had they been my actual doctor I would’ve told them in the office during my appointment that I would prefer to manage my condition with diet if possible, and for the condition I don’t even have – tooth decay – diet is the best way to address the treatment.

But I was not given that option. No history or follow-up was done so the 555 people that prescribed this medication are not even aware that I can’t take this medication and it is harming me. They are not aware that they have made my life a daily struggle of trying to avoid my tap water as much as humanly possible because this medication is not only administered orally but transdermally as well. Light speed showers can be a real challenge.

What I want to know is how can I sue these 555 people and the City of Crescent City for practicing medicine without a license, or for the doctors among them, malpractice? 555 people made a bad decision and I must suffer the consequences. You can’t take a pill for tooth decay. You can’t just drink water for tooth decay. There is NO magic bullet for tooth decay. Brushing is the number one tool to use in the fight against tooth decay.  Stop eating foods that cause tooth decay as a first line of defense. But stop medicating me against my will. I thought this was America. Land of the free?


Katherine Kelly


Crescent City, Ca.


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