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Brewing Beer Class
Brewing Beer Class



Over 20 people gathered at Ocean Air Farms on Sunday, March 1st, for a presentation by Connor Caldwell and Michael Glore. The basics of home brewing were covered while two varieties of pale ales were brewed step by step.

A couple representative beers were available for sampling assuring a good time was has by all.

A handout was available to follow the explanation of terms, the equipment being used, the process or methods that are common.
The handout also included numerous Internet links about ingredients, supplies, sources and costs. The cost is dependent on the level of involvement. There are kits for the experimenter as well several YouTube videos to help the novice. As with any home made food stuff sanitation and attention to food safety is priority one. That is closely followed by drinking responsibly.

Both Conner and Michael can be contacted via the DN Community Food  council website.

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