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By Kevin Kiley – February 24, 2024

For Gavin Newsom, the hits keep coming. Just as polling shows him to be deeply unpopular in the other 49 states, a new survey finds the same in our own state. In California, he rates even lower than Biden; Republicans, Independents, and even a quarter of Democrats disapprove.

Among the reasons:

  • The Legislative Analyst announced California has a $73 billion deficittwice what Newsom claimed. The Governor of Illinois, of all places, even called Newsom out for this spectacular fiscal failure.
  • New data confirms California’s COVID regime – where Newsom seized absolute power, killed businesses, and robbed kids of an education – led to below-average public health outcomes.
  • Water deliveries in California are being limited to just 15 percent of what farmers and cities requested. This comes after 20,000 cubic feet per second poured into the ocean (see the shocking video I took).

All the while: crime, homelessness, and an open border continue to degrade our state. Yet on each front, there is hope we are turning a corner and leaving Newsom behind.

  • Newsom’s infamous Prop. 47 is on the verge of collapse. 450,000 signatures for the Initiative to end it have now been collected (add yours:, and even the mayors of San Francisco and San Jose have joined us.
  • I am asking the U.S. Supreme Court to help put a stop to California’s homelessness crisis. My amicus brief urges the Court to overrule existing law and enable cities to clear out encampments and enforce camping bans.
  • The Main St. Caucus has identified my bill to end all “Sanctuary” laws as a top priority to pass this year. Incredibly, Newsom just called California a “model for a safe and humane border.”

Finally, on the Education Committee, for the first time ever we’ve subpoenaed a university. I spoke with Newsmax about Harvard’s refusal to cooperate with our investigation even after its President resigned. On top of everything, this is a moment of reckoning for American education.

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Kevin Kiley is a California Congressman

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