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By Kevin Kiley – July 18, 2023

Last week, the Legislature’s Supermajority outdid itself. The “Public Safety” Committee voted against a bill to make human trafficking of a child a serious felony.

With this act of pure depravity, the bill appeared dead. But then Newsom provided an opening. The attention-seeking Governor put up a poorly timed tweet that, as usual, took aim at lawmakers in another state. So I took aim at him:  

“Today Newsom is weighing in on a vote of the Iowa Legislature. He has nothing to say about California’s own Legislature voting that child trafficking is not a serious felony,” I posted at 10 AM.

Suddenly Newsom’s silence was part of the story. Within hours he changed course, calling the bill’s author Shannon Grove and pressuring legislative Democrats. The next day the Assembly suspended its rules to allow a re-vote. This time, the bill passed.

And that wasn’t the only insanity out of Sacramento last week. Newsom’s Board of Education adopted a new “social justice” mathematics framework. I spoke with Laura Ingraham about this farcical scheme to use math class for indoctrination.

Meanwhile in DC: the admissions we got from FBI Director Wray are reverberating across Capitol Hill. In a Fox News Roundtable, Harris Faulkner and Kayleigh McEnany discussed how Wray threw Merrick Garland under the bus in response to my cross-examination.

I also interrogated another Biden official: FTC Director Lina Khan, who has barely concealed her socialist designs. The NY Times coverage of the Judiciary Hearing led with my question: “You are now 0 for 4 in trials. Why are you losing so much?” Watch the full exchange here.

This is another big week. Tomorrow, I’m holding a hearing of my subcommittee on the catastrophic failure of “Bidenomics.” And today, I’m introducing legislation to nullify “sanctuary” polices nationwide and end California’s status as a Sanctuary State.

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