Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Two term Supervisor for District 1, Leslie McNamer, passed away today.   She was initially elected to the Board of Supervisors in 2004 after working for the County in a variety of roles.  In 1997, she started as a clerk typist. Then moved over to the Probation Department where she was legal process clerk.  Next, she went into the  family support department and the treasurer/tax collector’s office.

She lost her third term re-election bid in November 2012 when Roger Gitlin won the election.

We pray for the family and friends she has left behind.  Final arrangements will be finalized soon.

4 thoughts on “Leslie McNamer passes away”
  1. Prayers to the family, and thank you for your service that demonstrated the love for your community. Although I did not personally know you, I was inspired by your ability to debate and win your elections. God’s Peace Be with you.

  2. I will try again and since you deleted my first comment. First of all you could have at least spelled her name correctly. It is quite obvious who wrote the story. Supervisor Gitlin had to make sure that everyone remembered that he won the election when he ran against her. It is up to the family to announce her passing not anyone else. POOR TASTE. But, who would expect anything else.

  3. You edited my remarks. Why? Because I pointed out you didn’t spell her name correctly and had also remarried? Or, because you did not mention in any caring way oof her love for family, friends and community? Or that it was to show she lost an election?
    So much for freedom of speech.
    Also have learned another friend wrote a comment and it has yet to appear. Why? I am guessing you print only what you think reflects good things to you, and no honest opinions that disagree.

  4. Leslie was a hard working woman, kind and overall great person.
    Leslie will be remembered and missed by many.

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