Sun. May 19th, 2024


Just want to voice my feelings since having read that June third of this year, less then half of the voters turned out to vote.  I’m trying to figure that out.  Let’s step back into history.  The colonists took whatever weapons they had, some only strong enough to voice the cry of need for what was right and good, others more enabled.  In one way or another they fought for  independence and won.  We formed rules and regulations, and one by one did all that could be done to be heard and to hold dear all  that caused the creation of those rules. We made a constitution and in 1776 Amendments came to become a part of that constitution as well. 

Our world has changed and technology has reared up and challenged the old ways.  Much of this is a wonderful thing, but other changes …. not so much.  Seems to me we have entered into a world where there is rebellion and dissension on the corners of life.  There seems to clearly be a lack of understanding as to how hearts harbors such feelings, and what made them happen.  There is much talk about corruption in high places.   Now we hear “Why vote?”  “My opinion doesn’t matter.  The powers that be will do what they please”  “Why should I bother.”

If that is really the case,  I am sure glad they didn’t have that attitude when our country was founded, and through the years that  have followed.  I say, perhaps one voice ‘in the wilderness’ of life may not ring very loud, but it has an echo and an encouragement  to others, too weak in their sense of self- power, to speak for themselves, till they hear the echo and know they are not alone.  Ladies and gentlemen, there is strength in numbers.  One and one makes two,  nine plus one makes ten, ect ect.  Think about it.  Can you say in all honesty, that you are happy with how things are?  Are you willing to remain silent and accepting?  Don’t complain if you are not willing to stand up and be counted.  How does the old comment go?  Let me paraphrase it the best I can.  If you stand for nothing, You’ll fall for anything!  Another election is coming up, stand up, show up and be counted.  You are not as alone as you may think you are.   Do you have a voice?  Will you make it heard?  God Bless our country and those that do all they can to make it what it was meant to be.  Thanks for taking time to read.  I’d welcome your response.  I am almost seventy-four, and my future is not so long anymore.  I’d love to read of an increase in voter registration, and for sure more turnout.  If you can’t get to the polls, go for the absentee ballot.  I see no excuse for not honoring our right to vote and being a participant.


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