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Opinion Piece By Branden Bieber – June 17, 2022

In fact, F#%& Government!

There is no better example of Government Failure than Del Norte County.

The consequences of local, state, and federal failures are evident everywhere.

We are among the poorest Counties.

The local educational testing results are inexcusably below standard.

Highest gas prices in the Nation.

Numerous local infrastructure improvement being neglected and critical to commerce.

California’s Authoritarian induced and continued “State of Emergency”

Limited or NO local medical providers for common health care.

Local Government’s threat to imprison citizens for not wearing a mask.

Inflation and cost of goods increases closer to 20% a year and rising.

Limited enterprise opportunities with increasing regulation, taxes, and fees.

Government (Department of Health and Human Services) promotion of homeless, social service dependence, mental illness, and state sponsored and provided health care.

Price gauging at Sutter Coast Health, Local Utilities, and Pharmaceutical’s.

Del Norte County Board of Supervisors Brown Act violations, and abuse of consent agenda items.

Del Norte Unified School District’s inability to comply with Independent Oversight Committee requirements of Measure A funds.

West Coast’s best natural harbor inadequately maintained to accommodate larger vessels.

Limited prosecution of criminals resulting in more violence, crime, overdoses, and community degradation.

No hospice service.

Minimal continued education and career advancement opportunities.

Unaddressed complaints of child abuse, violence, bullying, and victimization of youth and employees on school campuses.

We should only blasphemy ourselves.  We allow the elected official’s responsible for these travesties to run unopposed or we re-elect the most atrocious offenders to another term office.  Del Norte County is the prime example of a community repressed by its Government.  Local elected officials only offer solutions of more Government.  If we continue to allow Government Expansion to impose health care and mental health on citizens, the consequences will only get worse.  Our leaders haven’t had much success recently.  Do you want Government managing your health and your mind?  DEFUND DHHS

6 thoughts on “LET’S GO BRANDEN”
  1. We have so many problems county, state, nation wide so tired of the news we gave up listening & watching the news, for awhile the left just does not give a dam about US citizens, the right to weak to stand up for our rights. The difference between humans and animals is animals would never allow the dumbest to lead their group.

  2. Each one of us has a choice when we start our day. Ask yourself: Am I going to start my day being humbly grateful, or grumbly hateful. We live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. What choice will you make when you wake up tomorrow?

    1. Isn’t perspective a beautiful thing! When the only positive comment is “Del Norte is Beautiful”, your perspective becomes irrelevant. Start living, or let Government control you.
      The American Constitution is a Beautiful things, but that doesn’t stop our elected officials from abusing it. In the same way a person can choose to be happy, a person can choose to make positive change. “There is” an alternative to doing nothing, and approving bad policies.

  3. There is an old joke saying that the problem with apathy is that no one cares about it. All the problems you listed (and many more we face here in Del Norte County) are the direct result of apathy. Not only the apathy we see each election, but also the apathy we see in holding those elected accountable.
    For example, you state that we should defund DHHS (Department of Health and Human Services). However, should we not hold those on the Board of Supervisors accountable for the inferior performance of DHHS? Why was this not a major issue for those running for the Board in the latest election? The only way to truly improve our county is to hold on the Board of Supervisors accountable.
    It is our apathy that both causes the problems and allows the problems to go unaddressed.

    1. RT,
      You are so right. The apathy we face here in Del Norte County is staggering. I truly believe that things will just keep getting worse while the people of Del Norte County do nothing. I wish I could be more hopeful, but I have lived here 30 years and nothing meaningful has taken place to deal with our problems. Too many of us do nothing except complain.

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