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Opinion and Commentary By Linda Sutter – June 11, 2023

While Gavin Newsom is trying to do away with your 2nd Right Amendment in owning guns, let’s look at what else he represents.

Gvin Newsom is a very busy man continuously advocating for murderers. 

Assembly bill 1509 is a law that would remove or drastically reduce gun enhancements to crimes. Under California law, an enhancement is a penalty that is added on top of an existing crime. For example, using a gun in the course of a crime could add up to 25 years to life to a person’s sentence.

AB 1509 would almost totally remove these gun enhancements. For example, a 25-year-to-life enhancement for certain gun usage would be reduced to 3 years.


Yes, the bill would apply to California prison inmates. In its current form, the bill would virtually eliminate the firearm enhancement forever and would apply “retroactively” to inmates’ sentences in the past.

Senate Bill 1437 allows many people convicted of “felony murder” to get a sentence reduction. SB 1437 removes the old “felony murder” law in order to increase the fairness of sentences. In conjunction with SB 1437, a new law — SB 775 — allows people who have been convicted of attempted murder and manslaughter under felony murder theories to qualify for sentence reduction as well.

AB2942 allows certain entities to recommend a resentencing. 

SB 260/261/1308 makes it more likely for younger offenders to be granted parole.

SB 620 allows judges to strike firearm enhancements.

SB 1393 allows for the removal of certain “prior conviction” enhancements.

With all these new laws that protect violent crimes by reducing sentences brings to question, why would Newsom want to ban our weapons and in the same breath create legislation that decriminalizes murder? Who is he protecting? The murderer who used the gun?

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