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Opinion Piece By Samuel Strait – July 28, 2016 -Since the Triplicate in the form of “Censor in Chief,” Robin Fornoff, no longer allows any form of debate when it comes to the writings on the editorial page of the Triplicate, it is left to this space where local people can share ideas and debate the words that “private citizens” pens to an audience of the general public. While it is for me to believe that there is a certain arrogance when Censor Fornoff views the great unwashed from his lofty perch at the offices of the Triplicate, there is quite often the time when writers, “private citizens” find themselves in complete disagreement with history and Censor Fornoff cannot seem to grasp the concept that a certain amount of correction is required.

In a recent issue of the Triplicate on the editorial page, there was a letter to the editor penned by Pamela O’Neill entitled “Bigotry alive in the U.S. after nearly 500 years”.  Now Ms. O’Neill and Editor Fornoff should be aware of the tiny fact that the United States did not even exist as a country 500 years ago, not having come into existence until 1776, not 1526. Additionally, it was Spain, that introduced African Slaves to America, a place that already had thousands of years of a slavery culture from its indigenous native population, commonly referred to as “Native Americans” in today’s P.C. world.  Thus the whole idea that the United States has a 500 year history of bigoted behavior is called into question right out of the gate.

Bigotry and slavery were both in existence for thousands of years all over the world prior to the formation of the United States as a country.  To imply that we as a nation are responsible for those two very human conditions is patently false.  To suggest that it is a widespread evil through out this country today is also false.  The simple fact that it, slavery was recognized as an evil in this country at an early age suggests that the people of this country with their eyes on the concept of universal freedom were early contributors to the concept of anti slavery.  Bigotry on the other hand is a concept that is not restricted in the human mind, as it is found in ALL races.  To say that it is the exclusive domain of the  non black population in the United States is just a bit of an over statement.  To suggest that the formation of the KKK and the Aryan Brotherhood is in any way mainstream thinking here in the United States is preposterous.

Furthermore, to infer that the events in 2016 are somehow representative of a pervasive feeling by the population here in the United States that “the lives of people of color do not matter” is insulting and show signs that you, Pamela  O’Neill, spend too much time believing everything you read in the mainstream media.  Which by the way includes the Triplicate.  Bigotry knows no skin color to occur.  Organizations such as the KKK and the Aryan Brotherhood
are right along side groups like Black Lives Matter,  the Black Panthers, and the Nation of Islam as being insular and bigoted.  You would never know this from reading the print press and watching the news on TV, you have to come out of your basement, put some shoes on, and view the world as it really is.  Much of the turmoil in the United States can be directly linked to bad leadership and representation at all levels of the government and not the great unwashed.

We have lost our way when it comes to freedom and have let government determine our way for far too long.  This is what we are experiencing today and people are upset at the results.  Our governments at all levels in the guise of “fixing things” for all of us have created situations in which most of us find ourselves in today.  That includes, “people of color.”

Bigotry exists in this country because too many people do not experience enough freedom over their actions.  The dependency culture has taken over, and given rise to the general chaos found in the many subcultures in those dependencies.  To say that this rises to the level of bigotry in all cases, simply misses the point.  Most of us in the United States, would not be labeled bigots, or at least in any extreme or harmful way.  They do exists, just not in the way     Pamela, or the Triplicate would have us believe.  It is simply not solely a non black issue or a product of the United States. Bigotry has become a label of disdain by the arrogant in this country to prevent further discourse.  It is wielded like a club to silence opposition, much in the same way Editor Fornoff wields his censorial pen at the Triplicate when the words expressed do not match his world view.  That is indeed a form of bigotry, it just isn’t as common as Ms. O’Neill would have us believing.

Because the Crescent City Times allows comments to opinions expressed, Ms. O’Neill should she read these words, feel free to respond.

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