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February 23rd, 2021

To: Board of Supervisors and City Council; to be read out loud.

Re: Covid-19 Vaccine and Precautions

Many of us in the Elderly Population are wary of the Covid-19 vaccine due to the lack of thorough testing. Given a few months, could it cause body parts to drop off, or turn people into brain-eating Zombies? Will offspring of vaccinated people be born looking like overgrown three-eyed, five-armed, twelve-fingered Chernobyl pollywogs? Recent surveys indicate two thirds of the population will NOT take the vaccine.

The President and VP took the vaccine on camera; but were they actually injected with the vaccine, or simply given normal saline? Were they look-alike stand-ins? President Biden recently denied that the vaccine existed before his inauguration!

I would like to see all our local elected officials and executive managers inoculated on camera to display their unanimous faith in the vaccine’s safety. Close-ups of the vial labels and the top tabs being removed, and syringes being filled will be important to prove authenticity.

While you are at it, Dr, Fauci recently told the public that “It only makes sense” to wear two masks to prevent Covid-19 transmission. He now adds that three masks are even better. Our County should be on the vanguard of Covid-19 precautions. A video of our elected officials and executive managers demonstrating the first 100% effective Covid-19 countermeasure would be both an inspiration to the world and a credit to this community. They should start by stuffing a sock in their mouth and covering it with duck-tape, then stuffing four cotton-balls up each nostril, putting on four face masks and topping it all off with a thick clear plastic bag zip-tied tightly at the neck.

To conclude the video, it has also been demonstrated in China that anal swabs are most effective for testing Covid-19.

Thank you for your time and consideration of these modest recommendations.


Mr. Jeff McCaddon

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