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By JJ McElheney – July 20, 2021

Dear Dr. Collins,

Over the past five years, I have written to you, beginning with the meeting I organized in Spring of 2016, with the now retired Drs. Linda Birnbaum and John Bucher.  This meeting was recorded should you want to listen to it. 

Because we have been corresponding through the years, I want to ask if you have decided at this time to meet with the Surgeon General and HHS staff, to spearhead an important federal collaboration to improve maternal and child health?  By calling for a moratorium on fluoride added to drinking water, this neurotoxicant can be eliminated from the real time damage it is doing.  

Removing fluoride from drinking water is a step forward to addressing the silent pandemic occurring to our children and grandchildren’s neurological development.  It is also acknowledging that a generation of young people have been over exposed to fluoride as indicative by the high rate of dental fluorosis.  Working with the Office of the Surgeon General and HHS in this collaborative effort to turn the tap off on fluoridated water, will allow the federal government to act in good faith.   You can be a leader in this historical accomplishment, just as you are now respected for your human genome research and BioLogos. 

Water fluoridation is a form of systemic poisoning based on outdated science, propagandist promoting, and poorly understood intergenerational harm.  As the scientific weight of evidence and rigorous studies (even some paid for by federal funding)—have grown since five years ago, I want to encourage you to not listen to the pressure of third party profiteers.   Industry influencers should be silenced when they have no moral compass.

You have committed to expectant mothers when it comes to prenatal drugs.  How then can we continue to let an unapproved drug, claiming one size fits all, to infiltrate our finished drinking water?  This is “poisoning the nest” and contributing to “our stolen future.”  It is beyond the pale ethically to not issue a moratorium on water fluoridation. 
I do hope you will take this into consideration for the highly touted and overdue NIDCR report which you will oversee.

 This is a critical moment in the 70 year history of expansion, exposure, and experimentation on expectant mothers and their babies. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Jill Jennings-McElheney

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