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By Assemblyman Kevin Kiley – May 24, 2022

In response to my announcement on this Wednesday’s gas tax vote, one of the nation’s top political reporters commented: “Calif. Republicans may be in the minority but they are leveraging this gas-tax issue pretty effectively.”

When I ran for the Assembly I was asked, “How can you ever do anything in the Superminority?” My response was you can do things, as long as you’re willing to actually do things.

If we hadn’t forced the issue on the gas tax, we wouldn’t be seeing the Supermajority’s wall of opposition breaking down – nor would they be talking about “rebates,” for that matter. It’s the same with our other recent actions:

  • We didn’t end the State of Emergency, but we forced Newsom’s hand on masks and vaccines in school and created a culture where people can go on with their lives.
  • We didn’t reverse Prop. 47 but helped propel citizen Recalls of two Soros-backed District Attorneys.
  • We didn’t kill the entire “Vaccine Work Group” bill package, but we’ve defeated the three worst bills and I’m confident we can still stop the rest.

That’s been our approach: take action, apply pressure, use every lever, exploit every leverage point. It’s the approach we’ll take this week as several of the radical COVID bills face key votes.

And it’s the approach I will take in Congress, to assure a new Republican Majority is an active one, one that fights from Day 1 to stop Biden from turning all of America into California. 

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