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Credit to LifeSite – February 6, 2019 –

Dear Donna,

LifeSite doesn’t only report the news. With your support, we MAKE news!

Just today, we made a surprise visit to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office in Albany, New York!

We delivered over 137,600 of YOUR signatures to Gov. Cuomo, telling him to apologize for lighting the One World Trade Center to celebrate the passage of New York’s appalling, abortion-till-birth law.

Before making the delivery, LifeSite’s petitions manager Scott Schittl led a prayer vigil outside the governor’s office.

The prayer vigil was attended by about a dozen local LifeSite supporters. Collectively, they prayed for all of the unborn babies and women involved in abortion.

They also prayed for an end to abortion and for the conversion of Gov. Cuomo and all pro-abortion politicians.

And, of course, they did not forget to pray for those who died as a result of the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers, a memory desecrated by Andrew Cuomo.

Scott delivered the petition to the Governor’s office, where he asked the secretary to personally convey our request to Cuomo: Apologize for signing this atrocious bill and for making light of taking human life!

And Governor Cuomo got your message, LOUD and CLEAR!

I want to thank you for taking part in this petition – in whatever way you could. Your help made a huge difference!

Indeed, in this era of fake news, even doing something as simple as sharing our stories and petitions on social media makes a huge difference.

We at LifeSite strongly believe we are helping our world by spreading the truth – about life, about family, and about faith!

But, we know that only you, our readers, can help magnify that effect – by sharing our stories and petitions with your like-minded friends, family, and colleagues.

We are not in this for our own glory. We are not in this for money. And, we are not in this to have power.

We simply want to help spread the truth about life, family, and faith.

Will you help us? All you have to do is share or ‘like’ our stories, petitions, and Facebook and Twitter pages.

Thank you for your help in spreading the truth. God bless!

John-Henry Westen
Editor-in-Chief, LifeSiteNews

P.S. – Thank you again for signing or sharing the petition demanding an apology from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. LifeSite represented YOU today in our delivery of 137K+ signatures to his office!

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One thought on “LifeSite delivers 137,600 signatures to NY Gov. Cuomo”
  1. Governor Cuomo is an embarrassment to New York and to humanity everywhere. I can’t believe how a mother could carry a baby for 9 months and feel it moving and kicking and go ahead and have it aborted!!! It makes me physically ill to even imagine this scenario! And also there are certain things that should not be forgiven and this is definitely one of them!!!

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